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  1. acuba

    Aux in?

    there is no, that's the problem in my case as well, as drum machine comes in very silent
  2. if you download comparison chart here on webpage you will see, that amp amount is same as all Helix products. It was...untill Helix update but I hope we get something new as well)
  3. I am very happy with my Pod Go. They promoted Pod Go as device having same amount of amps and fx as Helix. After latest Helix update it seem to be difference and old promotion does not effective anymore. I went away from Mooer because they have only 20 empty IR slots even for newest expensive GE300 model, 10 slots only for GE200. Mooer also released new amps, but there are no more empty slots to load them and no way to delete those, you don't use))) I am just afraid Pod Go will go same way....Hope they don't))) Probably we gonna get some additional stuff, except of pitch shifter our DSP can't process...For me, once again, money was not an issue, but weight and size. And for most of us too, I think
  4. same thoughts here... For me weight and size were main reason not to look at HELIX LT at all. I had possibility to get one secondhand LT model for new price of Pod Go, so I made my choice
  5. Also very interested in answer on this question
  6. please advice) I downloaded some presets from Customtone, ORION for example is very silent... What is the best way to add or change volume?
  7. found it and ordered as well. You are right, it is the best solution!
  8. what Gator model did you ordered? Model 1510 or 1610?
  9. acuba

    Aux in?

    Thats good news! I have Mooer GE200, not satisfied at all. Getting Pod Go stopped me by absent of drum machine, but looks like solution is there...)
  10. acuba

    Aux in?

    Does it mean, that I can send backing track to this AUX IN and jam with it using headphones or external speaker (monitor)?
  11. acuba

    Drum machine?

    I see... It looks like none of professional processors have one onboard...
  12. acuba

    Drum machine?

    thank you. any video or tutorial how it works?
  13. acuba

    Drum machine?

    Are there any plans to add drum machine option on POD GO?
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