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  1. Not mentioned in the release notes, but the Glitch Delay effect has been updated on par with Helix 3.1 with the two pitch intervals ... Thanks for this good surprise !!
  2. What a great update ! I just miss the improved Glitch Delay with the ability to set the 2 note intervals. Hopefully, this will be in a future update. Thanks a lot.
  3. That's weird indeed ! Unfortunately, I can't help you as I don't have a Mac. I've got no problem with my Windows laptop to download and install POD Go Edit 1.21.
  4. I fully understand what is a seed number for generating pseudo random numbers. Indeed, I've worked on Monte Carlo simulations. And when you want to have the same result on each simulation, you need to use the same seed number but also the same initial value for all parameters. If you don't have the initial value of parameters (i.e for the glitch delay : the number of slices, the order of slices, reverse / octave for each slice), generating the same sequence of pseudo random numbers to affect the delay is useless.
  5. Agreed. Setting the Seq Drift to 0 freezes the current sequence but this sequence is lost when you turn off the POD Go or change patches. However, having a seed for generating random numbers predictably would not be sufficient. The current sequence needs to be saved as well to serve a a starting point. So basically, the current "magic" sequence just needs to be saved. This could be done each time the Seq Drift is set to 0. Maybe we can request an enhancement to Line 6 ...
  6. I haven't played a lot with that delay but randomness is clearly intended. From my understanding, it's the Seq Drift that has the most influence on randomness : Seq Drift—Determines the likelihood of the entire sequence changing every time it loops around. When set to 0%, the same sequence loops forever. TIP: Assign this parameter to a footswitch set to toggle between a higher number and 0%. If you hear a random sequence you want to maintain, press the switch to set Seq Drift to 0%, and it’ll repeat that way indefinitely If you want a small amount of randomness, you should set the Seq Drift to a small value. But if you don't want any randomness at all, this is clearly not the adequate delay.
  7. I've updated seamlessly from v1.12 to v1.21 via POD GO Edit (on Windows 10). As you are now at v1.12, I would suggest to try to update via POD GO Edit. You have to download and install v1.21 of POD GO Edit to see the v1.21 update. Hope this helps.
  8. I use only POD Go Edit to update my POD Go ! But on the POD Go, you cannot select the acoustic sim in the fixed Eq block. You can only select the acoustic sim from the Eq category of a freely usable block. So this is the same weird behaviour as in POD Go Edit. This looks like a bug or at least an inconsistent and counter intuitive behaviour.
  9. Thanks for the update ! Seems to work fine so far. In addition to the new amps and effects, hopefully the "sometimes no sound" issue is fixed.
  10. A hardware issue would not be easily fixed with just a reboot... As a former software engineer, I know from experience that some software bug can create issues only randomly. I'm glad for you that you have no problem. But I faced those problems and it seems others also (see the latest posts on the topic "New POD Go freezing up"). Maybe it's a hardware issue or maybe the software is not sufficiently robust to take into account some hardware behaviour.
  11. It happened once for me with firmware 1.12. I could not change the sound whatever I do. And I had to restart the POD Go. I also had once a freeze during the boot. And several times, after the boot, no sound at all. Again, a restart fixed the problem but it's not very satisfying.
  12. With the firmware 1.12 : - I faced once a freeze during the boot - and several times no sound in the headphones (I use the POD Go more often via the headphones than via an amp) And restarting the POD Go fixes the problem but I agree that this is not very reassuring.
  13. I also experience some latency with the 1 switch looper during an overdub. And indeed, the 6 switch works better in the same context. However, for me, it's not a real problem as I tend to engage the overdub a little while before the "decisive moment". Fortunately, there is no such latency during the initial record.
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