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  1. still having problems with this.... when i get home i'm going to try more troubleshooting to get it to work ..... really considering selling the UX2 for another usb interface..
  2. I have tried many things to solve this problem but I can't figure it out and I need your help. I'm not too knowledgeable with audio equipment because I have only just started using the UX2 and my At2035 for streaming on twitch. Everything was working just fine up until I restarted my pc. I know my XLR microphone works, all of my drivers are up to date, I have unplugged everything and re-plugged. I found that if I unplugged my Microphone there is a terrible noise still coming from the ux2 somehow? so, it couldn't be my microphone that is the problem I'm assuming? If anyone could help me out I would be very grateful, thanks!
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