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  1. Ok so my V 20 has arrived. I've ordered a USB C to USB B that's on its way... Opened the box and there's no USB B on the back, or switch. Is there a slightly newer version that just utilises the front micro usb for using the spider app?
  2. Hi everyone, just signed up and hope to be a regular. EDIT: ok so I've been reading about the amp, I see you can download tones to an amp, so I only have one question. Do you have to have the mobile device connected to use the tone from the app or can you transfer and save the settings to the amplifier? I only ask because my charge port is also my audio connector and I was using that to play backing tracks into my last amplifier via line in. [End of edit] I found a great page from this forum when I googled settings for the Spider IV 15, it had a good list of songs and recommended settings for that sound and I saved it to my phone's homepage. Now, unfortunately the place I've ordered my starter kit from messed up my order and don't have one of those amps in stock so instead have offered me the Spider V 20. I can't seem to get the same results when searching for settings for this amp. Does anybody have a page, maybe on an external site if there isn't one here? I'm sure it exists somewhere, I would just try similar settings from the other amp but having looked at the V 20 it looks quite different to the IV 15. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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