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  1. Okkk kind of embarrassed to ask this and I'm sure its basic but can someone tell me how to achieve the guitar tone in jonas brothers year 3000? I'm sure it's not hard to get and used for a lot of pop but just that punchy, distorted but clean/smooth sounding but still hits hard .. not sure how to explain it and I'm sure a lot of it is in the production as well. It's a lame song I know it's just what I can think of as an example. I am using helix native but similar to helix floor.
  2. Ah ok thank you. Is s/pdif any better than xlr? Also can a line 6 link cable be used as a regular xlr cable as well for connecting the helix to an audio interface? Because I only have 1 regular xlr cable so it would be nice not to have to go get another one right now for the left and right channel.
  3. How do I record helix into pro tools via usb? Is this possible? I know you can use it as an interface but I want to use my existing one so I can easily switch between instruments and just have the helix as another "instrument." I cant figure out how to get it to record besides using it as the interface
  4. Awesome setup! I just got a helix and powercab plus and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for someone who needs to switch between using headphones and the powercab a lot. You have to plug the headphones into the helix right? there is no phones pluging for the powercab? Also, whats the fastest way to switch between this or have presets that can do both? Because if using the powercab I would just have the speaker modeling but if pluggin in headphones in I'd want the mic choice and placement, etc. Lastly, do you find setting the volume like that better than setting helix volume to max and using the input gain and the volume on the powercab?
  5. I just bought the 112 plus and the next day the 212 was announced. Thinking about returning it for it but not sure. WHy are you saying it is double the price of the 112 plus? Its actually $200 less than two powercab 112 plus. My biggest concern is everyone saying the 112 isn't loud enough when practicing with a drummer, etc. Has that been fixed? I preordered it at sweetwater but it is pretty pricey so not sure yet if it is worth it...
  6. I just got a helix and powercab 112 plus and I am wondering what the best way of setting the volume is? I read somewhere that you should set the helix volume knob all the way up? Or should we set the speaker to 0 db and than what do we do with the helix volume and then the cab volume? I also think I read somewhere that you can some how set the helix to unity gain?
  7. I think it is just 45 pounds which isn't too bad. Also, I don't care about the stereo that much but moreso the 500 watts with so many people complaining about volume issues with the 112 although kinda sucks its not shipping until like august 24th
  8. So of course they release the 212 PC+ the day after I buy the 112 lol. It'll be here tomorrow but considering returning for the 212. How does it begin stereo work? Will it still act as 500 watts?
  9. Woww... the day after I buy the 112 they release the 212 lol. Contemplating returning for that.
  10. great to know! I ordered an aes/ebu cable from monoprice so hopefully it'll be OK as it was way cheaper. The PC+ comes in friday from sweetwater! :) So much to learn...
  11. Awesome thanks guys. So is this instead of doing it via midi? I think I saw you were able to that way now?
  12. I see that there is a standard 1/4" / xlr connection as well? Whats the difference? Also maybe i'll try the monoprice one I don't want to spend 60 to 80 for a cable
  13. I just purchased the helix and loving it so far. I am thinking about buying the powercab plus. First, what do you guys think about it? Also, what kind of cable to I need to best connect the helix to the powercab plus? Do I need the line 6 link cable for any reason (expensive)?
  14. I am using a windows PC and use Protools. I honestly am new to this and also haven't recorded in awhile, but wanting to get back into it. There is 2 things I want to accomplish... one is to just have the helix come out of the monitors for practicing and two is recording. It would be nice not to have to switch connecting the monitors to the helix or the interface depending on what I am doing. So how exactly do I connect the helix to the behringer to directly go to the monitors so there isn't latency like you said? I think I would rather keep the behringer as the interface and just have the helix connected to either go through the monitors for practice or to be able to record guitars. For "Any way you go you will still need to be thinking EQ. Don't expect overdriven guitar sounds to work without high and low cuts etc." Can I use the high low cut on the helix for this? Still working with it.
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