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  1. Stand down. Through various reboots, reinstalls of drivers, etc....it is working.
  2. My POD X3 Live has now become my recording POD now that I'm using my HD500 for playing live. The problem I am having is that when I am in my DAW and select sends 7 or 8 on my POD X3, it still records with my tone and not dry. In my DAW (Reaper) I have my audio device set as ASIO and POD X3 Live. When I go into GearBox Preferences -> Hardware -> POD X3 Live Driver Settings -> Inputs & Recording, it lists all of my sends with 7 being Tone 1 Input Dry and 8 being Tone 2 inputs dry. I can't change any selections on this screen. No matter what I select, the apply button is greyed out. Windows 10 GearBox 3.72.0 POD X3 Driver version
  3. I figured out how to fix mine. - Unplug power - Hold the right arrow and plug in the device while holding right arrow - It will go into safe mode - In safe mode my computer recognized the POD adn so did Line 6 Monkey - Ran the flash update again and this time it worked
  4. Same happened to me. USB not recognized anymore, POD is rebooting, and powering on while holding left arrow does not reset it.
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