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  1. Thanks man! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overestimating what I could do with it (seeing as what I do isn't very demanding). But that helps loads, thanks! The last thing was using custom IR's which I found out I can do on YouTube a few mins ago. I didn't factor in the built-in gate at the input stage! As for the pitch effect, I've been messing around with it on my hd500x and it sounds great without using the stereo amp setup I used to use! Maybe using the single pedal with octave up, octave down and dry signal will sound just as good. Thanks again! I'm about 95% sure this is the product I'll go for.
  2. Hello! First time poster here. I'm thinking of upgrading to a POD Go from my trusty old HD500X, but I'm not sure I'll be able to run some of my current patches. My main concern is a D.I/clean fender style patch with 2 pitch bend pedals (one an octave above and one an octave below), plate reverb and digital or mod delay. I use this patch quite a lot for clean/ambient tones! As for everything else I use it's usually nothing more than a standard clean, transparent OD or high gain tones with reverb, delay, noise gate, chorus. All of these are mix and match depending on the gig/song but I'd never really exceed the four blocks I can edit apart from the odd volume or EQ that's included in the non-editable blocks! But I would definitely use the four blocks with pretty much all lead/clean tones. I'll be using it live and as an FX unit for demo recording on my PC. If it's the case that the LT would be a better fit I don't mind too much (I'd originally planned on getting a Boss GT-1000... sacrilege I know). Any help/advice would be appreciated!
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