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  1. Yes, it has been fixed. If you still having problems I'll suggest you to check what message you get when you try to reach this web page: If you can't see a page like a Google search, then I suggest you to download the Spider.exe file that jinxjinxsen fixed for all of us, and swap it for the original one in the folder of the program. Check the thread of messages in this post.
  2. It's working!!! :) I had to install the certificate, because before that it didn't reach directly the text message on the Now the Remote works perfect thanks to you GENIUS!!! I'm going to record a video trying to explain this method for the rest of the people and hang it on the Facebook groups. I want to give you all the credits for this brilliant solution, can you tell me your name or you prefer to be called as jinxjinxsen? Thank you once again for all your help, time and support to this community. Let's see how long it takes to Line 6 to fix the problem, but for now I can continue to use my equipment without relying on their speed of response. Have a great day jinxjinxsen! You have made mine :)
  3. Sorry, I'm seeing that on the picture I attached, there's a box un-ticked for "Unmatched requests pass through". I clicked all the 3 boxes, but then I started trying different things and I guess I forgot to tick that for the picture. But that was not the problem.
  4. Hello JINXJINXSEN, Thank you so much for answering with the explanation of what you have done. I downloaded the Fiddler 4 and tried what you described, but nothing changed, maybe you forgot a step or I'm doing something wrong. If you could double check the steps, maybe you did something else before? About the ticket to Line 6, I already did it as mentioned in my first post above this, and I encouraged all the people I know with the same problem on the Facebook groups I belong. Now I'm thinking about sending and email to Yamaha customer service in London (where I live), to see if they can contact Line 6 department and ask what are they doing about this issue. Thanks for all your time an effort! Hope to get more news from you. Kind regards, Ivan.
  5. jinxjinxsen You are a GENIUS ! ! ! This news have made my day, my week and my month. You have no idea how sad I've been since this problem happened. Please can you explain us how to fix the bug step by step (like someone who doesn't know much about programming). I'm sure I'm in the same case as you because I get the 404 error when try to open the address. Line 6 has shown in the past with facts that they don't care about us. And is happening again! My only hope is in you. PLEASE teach us how to do it. Many many many thanks! Iván
  6. Same problem here, I posted it a week ago on this forum, but on another category. Please guys rise your voices! Send tickets to Line 6 following this link: https://line6.com/support/tickets/add.html Thanks to everyone.
  7. Hi Jinxjinxsen! Thank you so much for getting involved in the solution to this. In the past I have heard people who could not run the App because it closed immediately, using the method you describe Visual C++ have managed to solve it (Thanks for such a valuable contribution to the community), but currently there is a different fault. I for example never had problems with the App in the year I've been using it (I didn't have to do the Visual C++ thing), but since last Thursday this error started. Also in the Facebook groups I discovered that many users had the same thing happen to them, all at the same time, and only to Windows users. I think that Windows changed something with its background updates without us noticing and that change affected the way the Spider Remote detects the Internet connection. I've already checked the Firewall, but that didn't fix anything. I think the problem is something internal to the program. I sent a ticket to Line 6 to see what they say, hopefully they will fix this problem once and for all. But if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it, I am all ears.
  8. Since Thursday 08th April 2021 I detected the same problem in the Spider Remote: "NO INTERNET ACCESS DETECTED". I am a Windows 10 user, before that date I didn't have this problem (more than a year using the editor and it worked fine). I HAVE POSTED THIS SITUATION IN THE LINE 6 FACEBOOK GROUPS (MANY GROUPS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES) AND SEVERAL PEOPLE INDICATED TO BE PRESENTING THE SAME FAILURE SINCE THIS WEEK. They are all Windows 10 users, Mac users have reported no problems at all. I don't know if or how often Line 6 reads these posts, so I can only encourage users with this problem to send a ticket to Line 6 so they can see that something is going on and take action. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desde el día jueves 08 de abril de 2021 detecté el mismo problema en el Spider Remote. Soy usuario de Windows 10, antes de esa fecha no tenía este problema (mas de un año usando el editor y me funcionaba bien). HE POSTEADO ESTA SITUACIÓN EN LOS GRUPOS DE LINE 6 DE FACEBOOK (VARIOS GRUPOS EN VARIOS IDIOMAS) Y VARIAS PERSONAS INDICARON ESTAR PRESENTANDO LA MISMA FALLA DESDE ESTA SEMANA. Todos son usuarios de Windows 10, los usuarios de Mac han indicado no presentar problema alguno. No se si Line 6 lea estos post o con que frecuencia lo haga, por lo que sólo me queda alentar a los usuarios con esta falla a que manden un ticket a Line 6 para que vean que algo esta pasando y tomen cartas en el asunto.
  9. Is there my friend, just go to Downloads and select the options on the 3 boxes like this: 1) Spider V 20 2) Drivers 3) Windows 10 and click Go Get Download (7Mb) and Install on your Pc. Good luck!
  10. Hi blasphemier and Fragothius, the solution is very simple just use the same "speaker mode". If you record a rhythm using a tone in the "Full Range Mode", but then you chage to a tone on the "Classic Mode" it will change the previous tone too, so just be sure you're working with all the tones on the same "Mode". That's all. Now you can continue enjoying your loops ;) Hurrayyyyy!!! Cheers.
  11. Same problem here. I use Windows 10 and I can't save or load any preset from/to my PC. Another problem is that I can't try any tone from the Cloud, when I click on any tone it gives me and error. When I use the Remote App on my phone it works fine, I can try any tone from the Cloud and save it to My Tones, but not on my PC. All running with the last updates. I hope Line 6 double check the App because is really sad that the Remote App is destroying the reputation of such a good amp.
  12. If you have a Spider V 60 MkII and you want to connect it to a PA, speaker or other amp you need to use the "Headphones line out". If you want that the Spider speaker still working (as monitor or something) you just need to go to the main setup (press and hold the home button few seconds) and change the parameter of Phones to Line Out. If you want to stop the speaker just set it back to Headphones.
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