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  1. Hi, folks. I'm strongly considering switching my HX Stomp for an XL, as I've fantasized about extra footswitches for too long and don't love the midi options. I was wondering if the XL footswitches are hard coded. Can the mode and tap footswitches be assigned to something else, or can they only do mode and tap? I looked at the manual and it seems the only option is for tap to also work as a bypass all, which is not what I'm looking for. But the manual wasn't too clear. Anyone got a Stomp XL? Thanks!
  2. Since the 3.0 update, having 8 blocks means that I can do pretty much everything I want in the Stomp, so I got an Exp pedal and an external FS to replace my previous Wah/Vol pedal. I was thinking about getting MIDI to do some other stuff (like tap tempo), but I really like the idea of not needing a fancy power supply (also, MIDI controllers are pricy!). This litttle hack now completed my current needs, so I got the Stomp standalone with its stock power supply for all my pedals/amp needs. Pretty cool. Two years ago I had like 9 pedals on my board. Now I just carry the Stomp and cables in a canvas bag. Made a decent amount of my money back selling the pedals. Oh, plus the heavy and noisy tube amp I got rid off. I think instead of internal MIDI they should simply let people configure their footswitches more flexibly, but I guess this is what the command center does, so I'm happy!
  3. Just did a quick test with some wires connecting the 2 MIDI ports, and it does indeed work, in case anyone else is curious.
  4. Cool, thanks! I'll have to buy a MIDI cable, then. Have a nice day!
  5. I believe setting tap tempo to preset means that each preset has its own tempo stored. I want to use a FS as tap tempo in one or two presets, but not all. Is there another way to do this which I'm missing? I though the only supported option was to have a FS as tap/tuner for all presets.
  6. Hi, folks. Is it possible for the Command Center options in HX Stomp to send a MIDI signal to the Stomp itself? I'm trying to do something I think a lot of people want: tap tempo on a preset (i.e., not globally). So if you go to a specific preset that needs tap tempo, use Command Center to assign say FS1 to send a CC toggle message (64:64) to the Stomp itself, which would be a tap tempo message. So you could have FS1 as tap tempo on a given preset and as whatever else on other presets. It wouldn't blink with the tempo, but that's fine. I tried to do this and couldn't figure it out. Maybe I'd need to use a MIDI cable to loop the MIDI out to the MIDI in, but I don't have one. If anyone out there does have one and could test it out, that would be great. Then I'd buy a tiny MIDI cable for myself. Thanks a lot!
  7. The pitch shifter is polyphonic. It's just not convincing enough to be used as a capo pedal. I've tried a bunch of those pedals, though (EHX, Digitech) and none of them are good enough to be used as capos, in my opinion.
  8. Here are my ideas: Allow HX Stomp FS1+2/2+3 to do preset up/down (should be super easy to implement): Make tool tips for all parameters in HX Edit (should take an intern a couple of days, maybe, to write everything down): Make the 1 switch looper more usable by increasing the time for the double click (should take developers only a couple of minutes, I assume): HX Stomp: all footswitches together goes to tuner (should be easy): I think they are all pretty reasonable.
  9. Thanks a lot for making your Octave script freely available. I was thinking that this could potentially be used to get an IR that converts sound from one guitar (say an electric) to another (say an acoustic). There are IR-based acoustic simulators out there, but I think the reason they aren't amazing is that they are assuming everyone will have a similar input to what they tested. Making my own would fix that! So I was thinking if your script could be used for that. Perhaps recording very similar playing on an electric (raw) and acoustic (mic'd) and using that as input to your script? If you're using 3 second windows, then maybe the playing doesn't have to be perfect? When you're dividing the in/out FFTs, is the phase information critical? If it is, that would ruin it, but if the amplitude is driving the results, then perhaps this could work? Perks of working in the frequency domain =]. Thanks a lot!
  10. If you're assigning on switch to multiple blocks, you can touch it with a finger (don't push, just touch) and it will switch color/display name from the current block to the other one that is assigned to that switch. As far as I remember, saving keeps whatever you left in there.
  11. Yeah, but as I said, I don't want to use a whole block for boosting. I just want to use it to increase the level of the output block. Could I change the color of the output block?
  12. I've been doing band rehearsals with the Stomp alone. Not even a preset per song, just a few presets with sounds I like (one for cleaner songs, one for heavier, one with a phaser, so on), using the footswitches mostly for boosts, distortions, and modulations. Reberb or slap delay always on, depending on the preset. At home I sometimes use an external pedal for wah/volume for some specific stuff, but with the band I just plug guitar into Stomp into a PA. I'm pretty happy with it.
  13. Thanks. What I meant was changing something in the Stomp display. Like if I could change something that's getting displayed (say change a color or something), then I'd know the pedal is on. External footswitches need to be momentary anyway, so having an LED on them would be tricky. Also because of what you said. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm thinking it would be useful to have an external pedal used for boosting the volume whenever needed. So I could assign it to the volume of the output patch or something (I want a pure clean boost). Without wasting any blocks (my presets are generally full already), can anyone think of a way to visualize that the external footswitch is on? I'm thinking if I can assign it to the output volume and also some color setting or something like that, then I will know it's on. I just don't know of any visual setting that can be changed with FS 4/5. Thanks a lot!
  15. Thanks for the tips, guys. It does seem to be block dependent, but I couldn't find a specific correlation with distortion. For instance, I get it on the Fuzz Face, but not on the Muff, which is more distorted. Also, the legacy Fuzz Face doesn't seem to have the issue, only the new one. Some amps have it more than others as well. But again, not always correlated to distortion. I couldn't really get rid of it with a high cut, as it's not at a very high frequency. For now I'm working around it. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a defective unit, as I got it second hand. Would be nice if anyone could say if they reproduced the noise I uploaded with the preset I uploaded. Thanks again!
  16. Can anyone please test to see if they get this as well? Thank you very much!
  17. Hello, I have an issue with my HX Stomp. It makes an odd hissing/crackling/clipping (squirrels?) sound on some settings with some amps/effects. I made a super simple example with a single amp/cab block and an EQ to isolate the noise. The preset and recording are attached. Is this normal? I read some people had a similar problem, but I didn't find a recording of it. Thanks a lot! hiss.wav hiss.hlx
  18. @datacommando I know there are a couple of super long delays on the market, but this is more of a thing I'd like to do than something I need. So I'm not going to buy a pedal for it. But thanks for the tips! @codamedia It's simple, really. The Canon has 4 lines (i.e. dry + 3 repeats), they are 16s apart. I could do a super long loop and play the whole song 4 times. But that's not fun. Thanks everyone for chiming in!
  19. @HonestOpinion I want to play a Canon =]. Can't do it with a looper. @CraigGT The problem is that once it hits the last one and that one has a number of repeats larger than one, the first repeat may be long, but the other ones will be the time set on the last delay.
  20. Nope, I tried that. Since the second delay has an 8s setting and 3x repeats the first repeat comes out 16s after I hit the string, but then the next one comes 8s after the first, same for the third one. I tested a bunch of things, so I'm thinking the answer is not obvious (or it can't be done). Unless I missed some simple, elegant solution. Hope someone can find one!
  21. Yes, that would be the ideal solution. But as far as I can tell no delay can go higher than 8s.
  22. Hi, I'm trying to do something a bit weird. I need 3 delay repeats with a 16s delay time. I figured out how to do 1 16s delay repeat (have a second path, put 2 delays at 8s each there with 100% mix), but I can't figure out how to do it with more repeats without having 4 paths. This is on the HX Stomp. Can anyone think of a clever way to do this? Thanks a lot!
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