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  1. Hello All, I am looking to purchase the Spider V 240 MKII Combo. I am wondering if there is a way to disable the stereo cab and run everything mono? I will mic the cab up on stage as well instead of using the on-board DI. So would just like it to all run mono. (Or does it depend on the preset you are using? Thanks, -Chris
  2. Thanks for the response. Are the presets labelled whether they are stereo or not? Is it possible to just add reverb or delay to a patch that is mono so i can just mic the left speaker live?
  3. Hello, I am hoping someone out there could answer this one for me. In regards to the 2 stereo speakers in the combo, can they both be set to mono? (projecting the exact same signal?) - When i mic the unit (1 side / speaker) I don't want to be missing any of the patch that is selected. (IE: if it is in stereo and coming out the other speaker) Thanks!
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