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  1. Is there an inexpensive place to purchase the little Part # 24-31-1105 switches for the FBV Shortboard MKII? I see there's a place in the UK. But, I'm in the US. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Spray all the pots with CAIG DeoxIT or Gold or something similar. Let it sit for a while then start running each knob up and down a few times to get it evenly distributed. Let it sit a while more and all will be good. Any guitar tech can do this for you if you don't want to do it yourself. I had the same problems. The pots are cheap open design and get gunked up. I watched the controls change on my computer screen in real time (when I hadn't touched them) and had a hunch it was dirty pots. After I used the spray I had no more knob issues.
  3. I know this is a very old thread, but, I haven't had my Flextone III for very long and have been reading about it like crazy. I did the #2 mod on my amp a little while after I got it and liked the difference it made. Just today I was able to find the time to do the #1 mod. I've known about the bright cap mod people use on some Marshall and Fender amps for a while, but never applied it to a guitar amp. But, with this amp, I felt it needed something, as I feel it's a bit muddy with the Master Volume at 12 o'clock when I use it at home. I had (4) 2.2nF film capacitors and ended up running two of them parallel for 4.4nF per stereo side of the Master Volume pot. Wow, what a difference. The change was dramatic. It gives the sound so much more air. Now, I am wondering if 4.4nF is too much however. I may experiment more. Maybe try 2.2nF per side? But, I'm going to have to change many of my tones now because the amp sounds so much different. Thanks for the original post Flexpeter. Has anyone else tried different values for the capacitors on the Master Volume pot on this amp? I'd love to hear about if you have.
  4. This volume issue has puzzled me since I bought a used Flextone III last month. For me it's a perfect little amp, as I'm just a casual electric guitar player. But, whenever I use it the volume and bass drops levels drop drastically after a minute or two of playing. The amp would kind of settle in and work, but there was still some strange behavior with levels of certain things. Last week I noticed some other strange behavior after I found and installed the Line 6 Edit 3.04.0 software. (FWIW, this software is the key to making the most of your Flextone III.) So, after I installed that software I start tweaking some things. The strange behavior I noticed was that I actually saw the "DRIVE" knob in the software on the computer was moving down steadily without me touching the actual amp knob or anything in the software. I wasn't playing the guitar, so it wasn't because the amp was so loud it made the knob twist on the amp itself. So I started twisting the actual knobs on the amp and found that most of them didn't track on the computer screen and match the positions they were on the actual amp. So, something was wrong. Then today, I read this: https://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/30202 To summarize, the last post on that thread says to spray some contact cleaner in the volume pots on the amp and it'll fix the "Volume Issue." I started thinking about that and it made sense to me. I removed the electronics box from the amp and looked inside. I noticed that those potentiometers (DRIVE, BASS, MID etc... pots) are the open design, not sealed like many of them are today. I'm an electronics tinkerer and I happened to have some pot cleaner spay in my shop. So, I sprayed inside each pot and twisted them each knob a few times to make sure the cleaner got into the pot and distributed properly. I let the cleaner do it's job for about an hour and twisted the knobs again a few more times. Before I installed the box back into the amp I plugged it in and connected the midi cable to my computer to see if that fixed the knobs from moving on their own and track properly. Success! Now, when I turn each knob they track perfectly in the software on my computer! They don't move on their own anymore too. So, I put the amp back together and have been testing it with my guitar plugged in tonight and it's like a whole new amp. The volume doesn't drop a minute or two after I open a new preset. The onscreen knob positions are perfectly in line with what the position on the actual amp are now. I'm convinced this is the "fix" for the Flextone III volume issue. I'd be happy to provide more detail if anyone is interested. Maybe someone else will try this and report back their findings. If anything changes I'll report back.
  5. This is my first post here. I bought a used Flextone III 1x12 this afternoon. Can someone point me to the "Start Here" page? I have always loved the sound of these amps and now I own one! I just mess around in my basement jamming to live recordings on a Squier Strat after a 30 year hiatus on electric guitar. Man, my finger tips hurt. LOL I'm going to turn 60 next month. I love classic rock, David Gilmour, Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton etc... Is there a spot where people post manual settings that are worth starting with? Thanks in advance. Oh yeah, looks like update this thru MIDI is tough. Any opinion on whether it's possible or worth a try? I have no idea what software is on it now.
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