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  1. ElPuni

    Helix To POD

    Thanks, will try it!
  2. ElPuni

    Helix To POD

    Thanks for the tool, just as an advice I used 2 different .hlx files to try and one of them didn´t load ( Will check it with more time at home.
  3. It looks like a great idea, I cannot compromise myself as I don´t have time but would love to have a tool like that and do some tests.
  4. I guess the Pod Go is already almost at the top of its possibilities, let´s see...
  5. Any news about the update? It´s a very good tool but any improvement would be great
  6. I agree 50% that PG has already enough amps/effects, but this time they have focused in synth effects which from my pov was a lack before the update, so very happy with that. Of course flexibility and new options are always a bigger plus for everyone knowing the limitations of the unit.
  7. you can also check from page 32 in the manual (Bypass/Control chapter)
  8. The limitation I miss the most in the PG is parallel path to be able to crossover the signal and apply effects only to the high freqs, keeping the low bass. Just guessing if maybe there´s a way to do something similar for example to distort only highs: In the chain, you put a HPF and distortion pedal after the cab block, then use both AMP and MAIN outs: AMP to keep the full freq clean signal, and MAIN to add the distortion only to the frequencies passed by the HPF, then joining both outs in the amp/frfr/whatever would maybe do the trick? If so, which HPF and setting (freq cut) would be the best for this setup? Anything I´m missing? Would that be doable?
  9. That´s right, if it´s set to cab/ir it will also bypass the effects behind the cab position.
  10. ElPuni

    Wah for Bass

    Need help from PodGoers and wah on bass: I´m a bass player and love my Dunlop 105Q crybaby, and was hoping to get a similar sound with any of the wahs in Pod Go but to me they sound too much high and uncontrolled (maybe good for guitar, but unusable for bass to me), and I cannot find a setting to have them usuable on bass. I already tried cutting higher and lower freqs, etc, but still too thin and open to my like. I could use any advice: model, settings, whatever. Thanks in advance!
  11. You can check the port color: Black or white Ports and plugs Type-A or type-B Blue (Pantone 300C) Ports and plugs Type-A or type-B, SuperSpeed Teal blue Ports and plugs Type-A or type-B, SuperSpeed+ Green Ports and plugs Type-A or type-B, Qualcomm Quick Charge[9] Purple Plugs only Type-A or USB-C, Huawei SuperCharge Yellow or red Ports only High-current or sleep-and-charge
  12. Cool, I still have to check myself, PG Edit neither likes my laptop USB ports.
  13. I also do and it keeps disconnecting from time to time, take into account there are different USB ports. I still couldn´t try with a powered hub but they say it works better for this.
  14. Regarding disconnections it´s a known issue in all PG Edit versions I guess, it also happens to me. They say using a powered usb hub fixes it.
  15. In my case as Saxatron says the problem was when the driver was installed automatically (I tried in 3 different computers and always the same issue) and the only solution I found after different approaches was to right button pod go in device manager and manually select the existing driver to setup (browse my computer for driver software->Let me pick from a list...->select Line6 Pod Go driver). To me it doesn´t seem to have any sense at first, as that´s the same driver Windows is trying to install (the one that comes with Pod Go Edit), but it only works to me if I do it manually. When I updated PG Firmware last week it happened the same: Windows updated the driver automatically and it appeared as error again on Device Manager, I right clicked following the steps above, selected the updated driver manually and it works again.
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