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  1. WTF!? Hd500x has BT audio out for headphones?
  2. Hi, noob here. I've already plugged my brand nu unit to the pc. Found your list N.3, would you share others? Thanx!
  3. Back here folks. I've got little time just to start up using the unit, matching levels and so, but also tried pitch glide to down tune from E to D amd tryed some motley crue stuff. I think pitch glide sounds pretty good for chord rythm. I put it just second After the noise gate
  4. Ok, soy I'll go that way. Appreciate that.
  5. Well, from my previous experience with gt8, I was able to downpitch 1 tone. Yet not perfect but usable, In live context with hi gain sim, few could tell. I asked, because read comments saying it's no good with polyphonies, and some others saying to had achieved decent resoults putting the PG at the very begining of the FX chain. So yeap, that was realy the very first idea, but the question was other: PG up or PG down? Bear in mind that PG up would never be further than E
  6. Nevaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! XD My preciousssssss.....
  7. First, thanks for your comments. Apreciate your time. Second, Argentina (where I was born an live) has a seriuos economic crisys. For ex: this 10 years old unit(or so) represents in real terms 136% of my monthly salary. So, take your calculators, compare how much represent it in real terms against your monthly incomes. The point is that another decent guitar, lets say a Esp Ltd M1000 Deluxe Emg 81 (used) would be 333%. No choice here guys... That's why I asked about pitch glide. BTW, my RR1 got it when I was single, lived with my parents, in the deal of my life. But that kind of oportunities comes once in a lifetime. Best wishes, be safe.
  8. Hi folks! Just arrived my hd500x 2 days ago. Got a fresh pack of EB regular slinky (. 10 /. 46) to replace in my RR1. Soooo..... Question is (never tryed pitch glide or D tunning): Op A) Tune std E and down to whatever with pitch glide. Op B) Take advantage of the high tensión in this pack (tunning to std E requires 5 springs set in my schaller double locking trem). Tune D and use pitch glide for std tunnig and even lower (C, B) The op B came while thinking 5 springs means there's a lot of tension in that pack. Trem, action & relief adjust is no issue, just pain in the axe. I read U. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, gt8 also. But mine is a homebrew slo clone and never got fx loop working. Guess it's not worth to modify, cause I've managed to get real amazing clean Channel. My aproach to use fx units (old gt8) in amp's front end was for years: clean amp Channel, low gain, flat amp eq(wich gives room for post fx tube eq), master vol (power stage) to taste and fx unit vol level matched with all fx off (like bypassing). Starting from there, and keeping I/O levels matched I managed to get real organic sounds from my old gt8. Both clean & hi gain sims in amp's front end. Btw, clean Channel of my 100w slo clone has plenty power to sound loud as hell, more than required for venues without reamping
  10. I've already purchased mine yesterday online to replace my worn out gt8 & can't wait 'till arrival! Decided to go hd500x over gt100 for a couple of reasons: * price: hd500x 500 bucks vs gt100 700 bucks (both brand new in Argentina) * pc support: great pc editing, patch repository and recording capabilities * grat amp sims: though I intend to run it straight in from end of clean channel tube amp, I enjoy tweaking sims to get full array of sounds from bluesy to modern hi gain. And "if" effects a slightly better on Boss side of the street(only pro on gt100), I prefer all mentioned over efects quality. Forgot to mention I'm no gigging any more(who knows, may be some day...), the unit is for appartment volume level. Soooooo., your post is the very first I read in the forum, and scince I found your're new too but already teaked te patches, I decided to chime in. Thanks for shareing your patches. Promise to try them as soon as I get to the unit. Btw, tips & hints are wellcome.
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