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  1. I came up with a different method. Grab a finger splint from CVS and use double sided tape. This way you don't have to cycle through every time. Just hit right side, select your preset, hit left side and you're back in Stomp mode.
  2. Thanks for the reply. All I/O levels are instrument. I think it's my guitars. When I play my Taylor T5Z12, it's much quieter. Still, that doesn't explain the discrepancy between the 2 modelers. If the I/O levels are the only things that would effect noise, then I might have to look elsewhere. Cheers, Ted
  3. Hey all, I recently integrated the HX Stomp into my pedalboard and I love the sounds, but it's super noisy when I play with headphones or record direct. What's strange, is that when I plug into my Headrush Pedalboard direct, the buzz isn't there. Everything is the same; outlet, cable, guitar, headphones... but it's SO much noisier with the HX Stomp. Is there a setting that I'm missing? I really don't like noise gates because I play a lot of soft nuanced stuff, and I don't need the gate on the Headrush. Can anyone help me get rid of the noise? Thanks so much.
  4. Hello all, Sad to say that it took me a good 20 minutes of scrolling and restarting the HX Stomp before I realized that the exp pedal needs to be moved for the Stomp to recognize it, otherwise every preset with a volume pedal in it doesn't make any sound. Is there a way to change this to be recognized automatically? Thanks.
  5. Great. Thanks for the help. I've never run true stereo before but I think splitting the signal in the stomp and then sending it through my favorite delays and reverb will yield really cool effects. FWIW, Here's my board. I'm running mono through the whole right side before heading into the stomp input. From there, it's stereo loop through Echo Park, Obscura, Supernatural, Ditto and back into stomp. Can't wait to hear how it sounds. Any advice on inital setup with the loop? I've read I need to set the impedance and line/instrument levels. Thanks again!
  6. I did a search and this was the closest topic. Sorry if it's been addressed elsewhere. I'm trying to set up my board and want to run true stereo effects loop. Do I need a Y cable out of the send, and then both L/R back into the stomp? I read the manual but couldn't figure it out. Thanks.
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    Can someone make this sound patch for the HX stomp?
  8. That makes sense. 40bpm should work for most of my needs. I'll try some different delays. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the reply. When you say the longest tap tempo is 40ms, I'm guessing you meant 400, which is still less than half a second. That seems super short. Is there a way to expand that? Maybe in a future firmware update? Thanks again!
  10. I like to do long delays and slow swirls and the HX Stomp doesn't seem to want to slow the tempo enough. Is there a limit on how low you can go with the taps? I am talking about 1-2 seconds between taps. My Echo Park does it so I know Line 6 is capable. Thanks for the help and happy playing.
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