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  1. hi thank you I was actually facing the same problem as the OP and after your post I disabled the global eq but now I dont like the sound of the tones. Im so used to hear them with global eq on so how should I record with global eq ? and if I cant do that what should I do.
  2. Hi guys I bought my hd 500 as a second hand, and I could able to download tones from custom tones but I cant download tones now, it says I need to register my product. Is it new ? cuz I remember I could download tones 2 or 3 months ago with same account without registering anything. Please help me
  3. I was using my computer at work when I created this topic, then I went home and It worked when I tried with my pc at home. Thats weird but problem solved lol
  4. Hi I want to search and download tones but whatever I type in the search bar it cannot find any results. For exmp. I search "metal" it cant find any result, or I just copy and paste one of the tones name but it cant find any results. Any help ? I have tried with different browsers but no luck
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