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  1. Does anyone know how to do that? My hx stomp had only numbers in the preset lift but I had to do a reset and now it has the abc suffix. I would like to have numbers only. Thanks
  2. I got a new white hx stomp a few days ago. It had 2.9 so first thing I did was update to 3.0. update went fine but ever since I can't go not then a minute without it completely freezing where I have to manually shut it off. I've tried resetting everything multiple times without success. Can anyone help?
  3. Hey guys, new member of the Helix family. I've tinkered with swing up a pedalboard, recording, and maximizing the dual switch and diy expression pedal. Thought I'd share my work and hopefully help others. I tried to break it into phases but apologies for the length. Here's my 1-2 week journey since getting the stomp. Pedalboard and power: I ordered a mini (metal) pedalboard with bag for $30 and a power supply for $20 from Amazon. i didnt want the guitar cable to pull on the mini pedal i have first so i decided to drill a hole into the side of the pedalboard and install a jack for the guitar to plug into. Dual switch and Trs: I ordered a mosky dual switch from Amazon (~$20). I bought trs cable but didn't like how rigid it was, So I decided to make my own with trs heads (4 pack on Amazon) and an old unused power cord 3 insulated leads, works perfect) Expression pedal: Ifollow John cordys channel on YT and bought his presets. He has amazing "freeze" ones, but does require pedal. I decided to take my old vox wah and followed a post on the internet. It was easy and worked.. Technically. But the pot is non linear. Passive expression pedal: I ordered sonicake vexpress passive expression pedal ( sub $40 Amazon). Worked great and it has a cavity that allows you to add a toe switch. I started working on that but then I had the idea to try and take the pot from the express pedal and use it as a knob on my mosley dual switch. My pedal board is usually on a coffee table which is reachable by hand so that would work better for me than a foot pedal. Adding "expression knob" I opened up the dual switch took one of the switches out took the moski pot out and solder it into the dual switch. I also couldn't resist and spray painted the black mosquito box to something little colorful to fit my paddle board. Final produt (for now): I have foot switch #4 and expression pedal #2. It works great and I can tune in the freeze settings just by diming in the knob. I think the knob gives you more setting control too than just a switch.. will play with it more in the future. I think my next step is to find knobs that double as switches as well so I can have anything from two switches to a switch and an expression knob or two expression knobs. Last, recoding: DAW im a Noob when it comes to recording but i saw a YT video where a guy used presonus studio one. i downloaded their free prime version that includes loops and instruments and a bunch more. i tried cakewalk and protools too but i like studio one best. BONUS: i messed around with the app today and made my first track. funny enough no real guitars were used soundcloud.com/user-517629544/mixdown-1 Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try to help
  4. Or do what I did, connect one output to aux and the other to instrument in. Best of both worlds! Mix and match to your hearts content :)
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