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  1. I've started playing with multitrack recording via my Helix LT and a DAW, and there's something I can't figure out. I think it may not be possible, but y'all can tell me. My patch uses the Guitar input for an acoustic guitar, and Return 2 for a mic via an impedance matching adapter. I want to send wet and dry signals for guitar and mic to my DAW. The mono dry signal from the Guitar input is automatically available on USB 7, and I have the wet stereo output set to USB 1/2. No prob, guitar is covered. The mic's Return 2 signal chain in my patch ends with USB 3/4. So, I can record the wet stereo mic track plus the wet and dry guitar tracks into my DAW. Almost there! But... I cannot figure out a way to direct the dry Return 2 signal to one of the remaining USB outputs. Even a semi-dry signal would be OK... I was thinking about putting a block after the preamp and compressor, and capturing the signal there, and then also capturing the fully wet mic signal after reverb etc. But, I cannot find any way to record Return 2 other than at the end of the chain. Is the Guitar input the only input on the Helix LT which automagically makes the dry signal available via USB? Yeah, yeah, if I knew I wanted to play with a mic, I guess I should have gotten a Floor model... Thanks a bunch if you have any ideas for me!
  2. This is a great book, I learned a lot. Now Craig should write a book on how to play the guitar, that’s what I really need. ;)
  3. I haven't used that product but I bet it will work OK for bedroom practice. If you don't need a portable, waterproof device you can probably get better sound quality by going a different route, like a pair of self-powered speakers and some way to switch inputs. Let me tell you what I did recently for the bedroom do-it-all setup. I got a pair of Adam T5V speakers, and I drive them with a Yamaha 10 channel mixer which has: 1/4" stereo in from my Helix LT for guitar and bass practice RCA stereo in from a TV streaming box for general viewing and music listening Stereo in from a Windows laptop via the mixer's USB input Bluetooth stereo in by using the laptop as a BT receiver (yep, there's a free app for that!) A couple of mics via XLR for karaoke and voice practice And there's a 1/8" cable for any phone or other device that wanders by (though, it's either this input OR the USB input, not both) With this setup I get great general listening quality and I can mix together almost any combination of sources. If I want to play an instrument along with music from a streaming service, I can. If I want to mix in audio from some music practice app on my iPad, I can. We are even doing singing lessons via Zoom and I can send the mixed audio from the desk over USB and into Zoom, so we sound great to the instructor. And the Adam speakers are champs, they handle it all at volume levels which are more than adequate for the bedroom. Now, you need Bluetooth input and probably won't have a laptop parked by your speakers like I do... but there are gizmos to add BT to a mixer, and there are mixers with BT built in. Anyway I love this setup... hope this gives you some new ideas.
  4. You may like the patches here. Some swear by using these EQ settings without any cab/IR.
  5. Thanks @Paulzx, I'll check those out. Hmm, I realized that in my specific case I may not need self-powered speakers. I have an unused home theater receiver in that room... old enough it doesn't have HDMI but it should be fine for stereo audio still. Since I also want something for general tv/music as well as bass/guitar, maybe I should be looking at "bookshelf" speakers, not monitors?
  6. Since you've tested a lot of speakers maybe you can help me find something, though my needs are quite different than yours. I would like to find an inexpensive pair of FRFR-style powered speakers that can be used for guitar and bass practice... and for TV/music, because the practice room is also a living space. I don't need venue performance volume levels either, of course. I am not chasing a specific sound or even everyone's favorite "amp in the room" feel for this application. I'm a new player who has only played through a modeler and a cheap PA, so I am probably ignorant and easy to please! If you can think of any smaller FRFR systems that might be good for general use too, I would love to hear about it.
  7. Did you ever figure this out? I was just looking around for the same thing... I want to try some surf rock pitch bending. Not sure the expression pedal would be suitable but hopefully someone figured it out.
  8. @Eericc I was in a similar position recently and chose the Helix LT. For someone who isn't sure what they need, and wants to sample some of everything, the modern breed of modeler/multi-FX units are fantastic. I picked Line 6 not only because the LT had the right set of features for me, but because the software seems well supported. The Helix LT is absolutely overkill for someone like me who needs a minute to change chords. I didn't even know what a "cab" was 3 months ago. There is no specific sound I am hunting for... but it I really enjoy experimenting and knowing that I can probably recreate nearly any sound that catches my fancy... on bass, electric guitar, or acoustic guitar. That keeps me happy and practicing, so money well spent, I guess. Anyway, as a more experienced musician, I think you will really enjoy having something like the Helix.
  9. Can any of you guys who have done voice processing with the Helix give me some tips to get started on the actual effects/settings to try? No professional singing here, but we do karaoke though a nice PA. I know compression, reverb, delay, and chorus seem to be the most popular but ... I don't have any idea what I am shooting for!
  10. Good find and good repro steps @Klaim. FWIW I think it's worth fixing and making decisions like that is my job.
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