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  1. Hello, nice project! I would like to do mine even if i'm not into arduino stuff... I would like to ask what if I would insert the plug for the expression pedal like in the MC6? Thanks
  2. @rd2rk it's a handmade footswitch controller is this one: https://www.txpedal.it/midi-controller-per-line6-hx-stomp/ it's similar to this one:
  3. Hello everybody, I would like to solve an issue that is driving me mad... I have my hx stomp with a line6 mission expression control and an external midi controller. in general setting I assigned the footswitch 5 (the mission one) to pass from exp pedal 1 to exp pedal 2. When I connect my midi controller (that has 4 different modes) in Red mode (preset up/down) it changes also the job of the expression pedal FS. This is why in global setting you can set 5 footswitches but in my case they are 6. It seems a bit twisted... but i can make video to make it clear :) Thank you
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