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  1. I know exactly what your talking about . I HAD a Spider IV but returned it for a refund due to this issue. I went through 3 x Spider IV 150w using my ESP KH602 & BC Rich Beast and still had the issue. It was off putting particularly when on the Insane channel . You would execute a palm muted power chord wanting a staccato rhythm but the amp would "bleed" or "slap back" the muted chord so instead of say striking the chord 3 times the "slap back" would make it sound like you executed the chord 4 or 5 times. As stated the store I purchased from allowed me to try 3 x Spider IV amps but they all did it . The 1st amp was sent away for repairs and Line 6 stated nothing was wrong . In the end I asked for a refund and just kept running with my Spider 2 150w.
  2. In the Spider IV there are built in tone settings . One of them is "Master Of Puppets" in the 80's song lists.
  3. Thanks for the reply . The links are helpful. I was just hoping that someone could post the dial settings . Much appreciated.
  4. Hey man , The attached link gives you a list of what "extras" are in the firmware update . http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/spider-ivspider-online/spider-fx-infusion-firmware-update-20-r218 Hope this helps ?
  5. 11 people have read this post and 0 have shared the setting ??
  6. Hey man , I can make my guitar sound like a bass with mine . Hope this helps ...
  7. Hello, I ended up taking my Spider IV 212 back to the shop where I purchased it from (went through 2 x of them) I had an issue with the Green Insane channel distortion "bleeding". Had the noise gate & noise reduction activated and still had troubles. Even upgraded the firmware. I would palm mute say an E5 and every 2nd or 3rd chord strike would have a sound thrown back at me . Could not get a tight staccato palm mute. The clean tone on the Spider IV is heaven but the distortion not so much. I am using my old Spider II 212 as the distortion tone on it is far superior.
  8. Anyone got the time too post the dial positions for the "Nothing Else" songs from the 90's tone ? I think its a "red clean" channel .
  9. Anyone got the time too post the dial positions for the "Nothing Else" songs from the 90's tone ?
  10. G'day , My Spider IV is in the shop getting repaired. Just enquiring if someone could please post the "settings" for the Nothing Else Matters pre-set? I think its a "red/clean" amp model just need the dial/knob position/settings please . Much appreciated.
  11. What compressor effect do you run ? Red comp , Vedetta Comp , Blue Comp etc ?
  12. So you then run the other effects pre ? Thanks for the reply much appreciated.
  13. Updated yesterday some new toys too play with .
  14. I found a list for the software update : http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/spider-ivspider-online/spider-fx-infusion-firmware-update-20-r218
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