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  1. hi, did you get an answer on your ticket? After having problems with the 1.05 update I got a new G10 and this one has exactly the same problem as yours.
  2. Hi, since 2017 I am using the Helix floor to switch the presets on my Mesa triaxis via midi. The helix is connected via 4cm-method for effects usage. Since the update to 2.8.0 (and still in 2.8.1) I have noticed, that midi-cc is not sent to the triaxis. I have to unplug the midi-cable, plug it into midi in(!), unplug and plug agin in to midi-out (all on helix) to get it working again. This is every time nessecary after connecting the helix to the triaxis. In the past it worked flawlessly. Cheers, Marc
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