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  1. I have the Spider V 120 and the patches are set very low on the channel volume (like dsetliff said) out of the box. Once I started building my own patches and modifying the factory presets, the power is there for sure. Don't get discouraged LWV120. Also if you hook up an ipad and download the spider app, you can load up tons of patches that other users have created and uploaded to the cloud... just be careful though as some of these patches are super loud, so you turn the master volume down between loading patches.
  2. Anyone know if there is a way to disable the save function from fbv longboard? I've got a lead foot and keep engaging that option while switching between patches. It annoying when you're playing live... thanks
  3. You don't need iPad or phone to edit patches... you can edit right from the amp... it is nice that they gave an iPad option with cloud storage and access to community tones. I hope they do come out with a pc editor though... I picked up the spider v 120 and so far I'm very happy with the features. Thank god they finally brought back the direct outputs without bypassing the speakers (for stage volume) on the higher models (not available on all). Was my only disappointment with the spider iv. I own a lot of Line 6 gear and this small, flexible, light weight amp is the perfect combo for live gigging with a cover band. I also picked up a relay g10 for the built in wireless... very nice. Crisp, clean and no latency.... I like that it works with all of my old FBV longboards too. For $399 they are giving a lot of functionality and features... finally I have everything in one package that is really light weight.
  4. Spider Remote... might want to post that someplace more visible for new customers. :)
  5. cuch

    Wah and Volume

    Thanks again Joe... like I said "I'm just overlooking something simple"... Gotta love wen the answer (or in the case button) is starring you right in the face! ;)
  6. cuch

    Wah and Volume

    Will give it a shot when I get home tonight... Thanks Joe
  7. cuch

    Wah and Volume

    I'm sure I'm just overlooking something so simple, but I'm stuck. I have set up all of my patches to have EXP 1 as my Wah Pedal (and defaulting the toe switch "OFF") and I have a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 Expression Pedal connected to EXP 2. Here's where I'm stuck... I can't figure out how to make the volume pedal block "active" by default. The EP1-l6 does not have a toe switch. Some of my patches when I added the pedal is was active and other it is not. Thanks in advance...
  8. I've tried all sorts of ways... including resting my fingers on the back edge (minus the wrapping) I could never be a surgeon and guitarist always wonder how I can pull off the chops that I do with the sausage fingers I'm sportin'... lol I'm one of those dudes with the vise grip hand shake. I'm surprised I haven't snapped the joystick off yet by accident! ;)
  9. Thanks for the feedback DL... but still having the problem no matter where I press. I will say that pressing from the top made a little difference, but every third or fourth time... bam! it flips a block and if I forgot to save, I have to start all over again... For me this has become extremely frustrating.
  10. Cool... Hope you had a good show robbieb61
  11. I agree with DI that "if" they did have auto save it needs to be optional and default to not on... it wouldn't be bad if there was an "undo last action" button. Here's a real life observation why... now that I'm comfortable getting around my Helix, I'm moving quick to edit my blocks... although the joystick is nice, it also adjusts parameters by twisting, so when you're pressing left, right, up or down, it will sometimes accidentally spin as you're moving across blocks. If you're not paying attention, you can change any block and loose the parameter adjustments you've made (like if you accidentally switch an Amp model that you've been tweaking for a while). I have to admit, that became very frustrating last night. Save Often!!!
  12. Hey robbieb61... I had the same problem last night running my Helix into my DT25 through the L6 Link. I see that you tried using the 1/4" outputs. That's what I'm using, but I set up two separate paths... The one that goes to the DT I only use PreAmp models, and the one going to PA/FOH I used Amp+Cab. On the DT, I setup my topology to IV and I'm only working with channel A. It took some messing around, but once I got the settings on my DT dialed in, it sounds really good. Then again, until I take it out to a gig, can't say for sure. I'm curious how did you set your outputs up going to PA/FOH and to your JBL -vs- PA/FOH and DT50?
  13. cuch

    Carrying case or bag

    I got my Helix... but the bag is delay for some reason through Amazon. :(
  14. I see... so you could get an isolated headphone mix of just the XLR output, or something else. In my scenario, if I set it to multi, I would be hearing both sets of blocks summed into the headphones. I made a jump after seeing how the volume knob could be set, it appears like it would give you the same result at first glance. For me the good news is that I can separate my levels (FOH & Stage) and control my stage volume.
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