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  1. I've tried a distortion pedal or two in front, but I can't get sounds I like as much as the cranked amp models. Not surprising, and was worth a shot. On a Stomp XL, I don't have the luxury of adding a bunch of other stuff, anyway. If I could do that, I'd just run another amp. At rehearsal, the spike was extremely noticeable even with an entire band playing, I got some looks . I'm going to experiment with the various ways of increasing a clean sound's level and see if changing the location in the chain helps. If the changes are made (very quickly) from left to right, then it would make sense to put the volume boost as early as possible so that it comes back down first....but that pushes the amp harder and it starts breaking up. So right now I've got makeup gain on an EQ after the amp and a bit of on the output. Right now, I'm leaning toward just dealing with the pause between presets.
  2. Yeah, I did. Searched a bunch! Found the thread linked above, where someone suggests using a single amp model (I already am). Or to disable time-based effects (none engaged). Or that the volumes aren't level (they roughly are, the spike is much louder). Some suggest adding a volume blocks (I don't have the blocks to spare). A few folks said it only started in a particular firmware version, but I'm skeptical. People on reddit seem to have the same problem, no solutions over there. As a matter of fact, here's a member of the Helix dev team describing my problem: Yeah that's pretty much it, except boosting a clean sound is what I absolutely have to do in order to reach volume parity with the distorted sound being made by the same amp. So "bring down that block's level" isn't too helpful, since doing that would make the clean sound inaudible in comparison. Do those changes happen in the literal order in which they are in the chain? I posted here hoping people had found specific workarounds. There's clearly a gain staging puzzle to solve here, and since I'm not the only one that's run into this (as you noted), here I am. I'd prefer to not go to presets, but it's better than this. Thanks though.
  3. I recently bought a HX Stomp XL and have been loving it. After a lot of the kind of deliberation between Helix models you all know well, I decided the smaller form factor was more important to me than the lack of DSP. I know that multiple amps in a preset is tough with that limitation and I was afraid of the gap when switching presets. So my goal is to go from sparkly clean to a thick rhythm to a boosted lead, all in one preset. I've succeeded well enough so far for having this thing for like 2 weeks. I'm using the Mahadeva with some pretty dramatic changes to the amp settings and an EQ block further down, along with turning on a compressor for the cleans. It works pretty well, even if I'm still tweaking. The problem is that switching snapshots causes a terrible POP! That's awful, because the whole point of snapshots in this context for me was to avoid the gap when switching presets. This is worse! I don't hear it if I mute completely before switching, but that's just the preset gap, only manual. I've looked around and gathered that I'm not the first to experience this when changing amp settings a lot. People seem to believe this is due to the way that the thing tweaks all those knobs--not all at once, but in extremely rapid succession, leading to a very short, very loud noise if, say, the volume boost for the clean sound is turned down last. But this noise is so much louder that it seems more likely that this is the Stomp glitching out for a split second. Someone else seemed to think this was introduced in firmware version 2.71, but I can't really test that. I'm on 3.1 and don't really want to downgrade that far. Is there anything I can do? I've attached an audio example and a picture of the waveform. It's the kind of thing that'll make a sound guy wanna kill me. I'd wanna kill me. I was hoping that using single-amp presets and creative snapshots like this was a clever, if laborious, workaround. But the cure seems worse than the disease. Is this just the way it is, or is this a bug that might be fixed someday? hxstomp_snapshot_spike.mp3
  4. Utterly deranged that the response to a post like this is something like this Talk about bad faith. I found this thread because I'm in a similar situation--not quite as restrictive, but there's certainly a limited amount of time I can ask my band to just play while I tweak knobs. I'm new to using modelers live and I'm kind of dreading setting up and line checking at a show and realizing my cleans are barely audible or a lead I thought was boosted is getting buried or something like that. The complexity of what's going on is so vast and the remedy is a lot more involved (esp on a Stomp XL) compared to boosting my amp volume and turning a pedal or two down (or the reverse). I built a few presets (and tried to manage gain/levels) at home this week, then used the Stomp XL at practice last night for the first time. It worked great, but there is a not insignificant amount of tweaking on my part and patience on the part of my bandmates to manage before this is ready for live use. At home and at practice, for the foreseeable future, I'll be running it back through a DAW to eyeball starting points (and to use HX Edit for speed).
  5. I was getting all kinds of insane behavior with HX Edit and my new Stomp XL: tons of errors, presets getting wiped, menu bugginess, it was terrible. I thought it was USB-C, or my adapters, or my cables, it was driving me crazy. Turns out it must be Logic spewing out MIDI that I couldn't see from the projects I was trying to integrate the Stomp into. Turning off MIDI over USB fixed it all completely. Might not have tried that were it not for this post. Thanks bud!
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