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  1. inblut

    HD500 Toe Switch

    hehe that was my first fail haha Then I eventually noticed it and placed the wha on the chain :)
  2. inblut

    HD500 Toe Switch

    Guys, thank you so much for your help. I am checking this out tonight when I go to the studio. Thinking about this...we have a new rug on the floor and my floorboard with the HD and all the pedals was placed on one of the extremities. It may actually be the cause of all this + I may not be pressing that hard. Nonetheless Im am glad to know that it is perfectly possible to open the unit up and access the rubber and eventually trim it. Thank youuuuu alll ;)
  3. inblut

    HD500 Toe Switch

    Hey there, I'm having an issue with the toe switch of my HD500. Everytime I need to activate the wha, It is only activated after pressing it for like 2 second or so...then it activates as soon as I stop pressing the toe switch. Is this normal? Is it possible to set it up so that it activates upon the initial press? Flash v2.62 Cheers, Ricardo
  4. Hey, Have you managed to find out that loop issue? I have the same question for a looooooong time. Between pre and post, the volume is completely different. ...have no idea why. Thinking about selling the damn thing...
  5. Hello, I have been reading several posts and found no answer for my problems. First of all, I´m connecting the unit the normal way for a 4 cable method connection. Apart from the fx loop volumes, what should be the position of the bypass know on the amp menu? I have turned it off. Should this knob be all the way up? Should it be at 50%? On the chassis, the AMP / LINE button. If turned to line, the amount of volume is absurd, specially if the bypass knob is cranked up. Should I turn the bypass all the way up and have the chassis option on the AMP? Should the fx go into the amp as a line signal or amp signal? Thank you so much for your time. Regards, Ricardo
  6. Hello L6 community, I´m having problems with podfarm 2.56. I have download it from L6 website and cant go further than this. My Podfarm is all black ad has no knobs. How can I solve this? Tks, Ricardo
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