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  1. Hi , i am trying to rollback the flash memory on a variax standard to v1.90 but it says i cannot do this as it needs lastest firmware, is this correct?. Thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks psarkissian , that's brilliant info.
  3. Hi just wondering did anyone, or is it possible to change sratchplate on a jtv 69 and convert it to a 69s and where could I buy the scratcplate. Thanks.
  4. Phew, got it working ,just tried it again, remembering to have volume turned up and its working good.Thanks psarkissian.
  5. Yes psarkissian, ive have had this variax quite a long time and have reflashed it a few times, this one was from v 1.71 to latest
  6. Hi psarkissian ,thankyou for the reply, I think I did click no on saving patches.Should I try update again and see what happens?. Is it possible for damage to occur if something disconnects during update.Thanks
  7. Hi everyone , was updating my variax jtv 69 to latest firmware,but forgot to have volume turned up, and guitar went to sleep half way tru update and red light came on in usb interface and error message appeared, so I tried it again and this time it said update successful and showed latest firmware, however none of the modelling now works, did I damage the electronics?
  8. I would guess the jtv 69 has latest firmware installed ,where in my opinion acoustics sound worse.You can reflash jtv back to version 1.71 and it will sound the same as your old 700. You can change it back again if you wish.
  9. Ok got it sorted, bridge pickup was connected wrong way round on pcb board,swapped it around and all ok now, quality control missed that.
  10. Hi I thought of changing pickups too on my jtv 69s because I thought 2nd position on toggle i.e bridge and middle sounded outa phase. I took a peek inside today and noticed pickup wires soldered back to little pcb board, it looked like it should have had black wires on one row terminals and white wires opposite side on board, but mine had bridge reversed, so maybe this is the problem. Hi gearhead when you installed new pickups can you remember what way wires were on board. Did you solder new pickups onto that board, would be tricky I guess. Thanks.
  11. Ok got it sorted, gives option to roll back from file, I didn't have the file, when you go to download it with windows 10 its not available,but if you say you have windows xp it is there to download. Got it downloaded and have it installed.Acoustics in my opinion are much better in v1.71 tru a pa anyway in a band situation.
  12. Hi I want to roll back firmware on jtv69s from latest version to old 1.71 ,however the monkey installer only gives me option to go back to v1.9 . How do I do this?. Thanks
  14. Hi I just bought a 2nd backup JTV 69 ,from my experience I rolled back firmware to v1.9 as acoustics sound better to my ears,however it still doesn't sound the same as my first jtv,even though it says rollback successfull.Any ideas anyone. Thanks.
  15. Hi zedopaido thanks, i really appreciate that, will try that tomorrow. Just as a matter of interest to you, what i did notice when the sounds wouldnt load in, was that i was left with just the sound of the raw piezo, so if thats an option you want it may be possible.Thanks again.
  16. Hey joe thanks for the reply, yes i have had variaxs from day one , but its good to know that sometimes the updates dont always work, i had nt read that, its a computer at the end of the day.I will chance it again and let you know how i get on . thanks
  17. hey joe, i know v2.0 doesnt work with the old work bench and vice versa, i have both workbench installed and both working. when i update or backdate the firmware the sounds should appear in the relavant workbench but they dont, except the last fluke when it did, and i ended back with v 2.0 , but its v 1.7 i want installed, but i am afraid to attempt it again in case i end up with no sounds.
  18. Hi, i want to roll back fimware from v2.0 hd to 1.7 on my jtv 69 because i hate the new acoustic sounds, but when i backdate firmware with line 6 monkey to 1.71 and then open variax workbench there are no sounds loaded, only question marks where the names of the guitars should be. I then decided to go back to version 2.0 and open workbench hd to find the same problem, question marks , i also plugged guitar in to hear were the sounds installed but they were not , i now had a guitar with no modelling sounds, after a lot of to and fro v 2.0 hd did load up but i am back where i started.Any ideas anyone whats going wrong, its nothing obvious , i have green lights on the usb interface box no internet dropout etc. ???. Thanks .
  19. Hello everyone,i need a little advice. I want to connect, my jtv 69 and pod hd 500 to a boogie express combo, using 4 cable method, now i know how to connect that ok but i want the acoustic sounds from the variax to go direct to the PA (foh).i want to use the cat5 cable from guitar to hd500 to power the guitar, could i use a standard cable from the jtv 69 to the pa (2 cables from guitar) or is there a better way?. thanks.
  20. Hi edstar thanks again for that info, yeh acoustics go straight to the pa via the line 6 a/b power supply box that i got with my first line 6 600 variax, it works with the jtv variax also via a stereo cable.Maybe i didnt give my ears time to adjust, like you do when you get a new guitar or amp and the first thing you do, is to try and get it to sound like the old one lol. thanks again.......
  21. Hi edstar thanks for the reply. When i went from fw 1.9 - fw 2.0 i noticed a big difference in sound i thought, but if you say acoustic models havent changed are my ears decieving me?. i only use jtv 69 in digital mode for acoustic only.
  22. Hi guys are acoustic sounds v2.0 same as v 2.1 , i upgraded from 1.9 to 2.0 and didnt like acoustics ,so just wondering is it worth going to 2.1. thanks
  23. Hi i use a pod hd 500 with a tyler variax 69, i use the pod 500 in the effects loop of a mesa boogie express, is there any way i can send the acoustic sounds direct to the pa whilst keeping the hd 500 in the loop of the amp and guitar plugged into amp and be able to switch between amp and pa. Thanks.....
  24. hi just wondering is there a noisegate on an m5
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