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  1. Well, I had responded to this, but apparently L6 didn't care for my opinion, even though I was honest about. Took my PGo to a gig, thankfully it didn't lock up until the last song or two. I really want this to be a good investment. I hope it turns out that way.
  2. I've heard ghosting on certain notes on this( Pod Go) as well as the Helix. This does not happen with either of my 2 Kempers.
  3. Yup, mine is locking up hard. Intermittently, I cannot duplicate it, but seems to occur while editing patches. Would love to get info from L6 or users about an imminent fix. I go all the way back to the Kidney Pod and early Variax, I really dread calling L6 support. I haven't in a Long time ....Not sure if they still answer a phone anymore.
  4. does anyone know where I can download these patches? I realize they're a few years old. But I recently started to get in the POD HD Kidney. any help would be appreciated. thanks sid
  5. I have the same problem , but in reverse. Now when I spin the tunings knob, let's say to DADGAD and beyond, in a clockwise manner, it becomes more restricted. At this point I'm unable to press the "push push" feature. As the owner of several JTV's, I can tell you that these guitars are definitely more complicated than a PRS....but that's apples and oranges. I've had a variety of failures on all but one JTV59. I have 4 of them and one 69...... Anyone out there had to resolve a sticky open tuning/push situation like the one I described? If so, how? thanks.
  6. I have a Vax 700 Acoustic, I recently acquired Great guitar, own several. Trying all the features in the manual. One in particular seems to not working correctly. Supposedly , a user can make adjustments to the slider positions and then hold the model selector down to save as your default. However...whenever I hold the model selector down, the LED changes to amber, the audio volume reduces, and it seems to stay stuck in that mode until I remove power then restore it. Has anyone seen this before? I have other L6 Vax Acoustic models that do as they are designed to do. this is a first for me. Yes I tried a "Sitar reset" ....seems like a no brainer and I'm missing a step, but I can't figure out what it is.....
  7. I'm on a Vista Pc at this moment and looking at the download page...I do not see JTV Flash V.1.90......anyone else?
  8. UPDATE.......... I recently stated that I couldn't flash my oldest JTV59.....I did manage to get 1.70 successfully reinstaled, it seems that that is the only version that will take on this guitar. I'm trying to remember, and I think this has been the case on many other attempts over the years. I think that's why it's still at 1.70. so far I've used the Vax interface, HDPod500x and a Helix. My preference is 1.90..... but that seems not in the cards as yet.... Ok I'll post up a svc ticket and give the details. BTW....I noticed that I'm typing like S**t today.....is auto spell ruining me? or was it the 70's?
  9. Ah well....follow up My oldest JTV59 will flash to 1.70, but any other version causes I/O errors.... Probably needs to go to another topic. But wtf.....I have 5 JTVs......it's crazy trying to get these things flashed. I prefer V.1.90, but am not able to do this on any of the guitars. This is nuts....
  10. Yes I got through to L6 support. they claimed to have had server issues. I was able to D/L all versions locally to a Win7 PC. Also I can flash with Monkey now. So hopefully it's in the past. I am unable to see JTV Flash Mem. through Monkey v. 1.72. Also, One of the JTVs my oldest and dearest ....is not completing the Flashing process. Currentlyion the 4th try. Some kind of I/O error. I hope it's not bricked
  11. Attempted to D/l from multiple Pc's Win Vista, Win 7 and Win 8.....Both direct and monkey downloads fail....tried about a hundred X. Reset router...disabled all anti Virus' ....Just got off the phone w/L6 support. they tell me there were server issues over the weekend. He tells me they are back up and running. gonna tool up and attempt d/l jtv firmware.
  12. 2 day now.....Tried and tried ...several pcs....all Win Xp thru win8 .....same message or I get kicked to the new spider amp page and cant get out. Really?
  13. Yes, well first off, I'm not putting as gun to anyone's head. WD40 is a very light oil that drys up quickly compared to cleaning solvents such as De-ox it. The old story is that WD indicates water displacement. Guess what? I also use it for remove extra DNA from my strings (remarkably similar to Finger Ease, but less expensive) before and after gigs. I am aware that there may be better products. But is anyone willing to give me an explanation as to why it brought back as of today 2 dead A strings on 2 separate JTVS. You can argue with me all you want, but I won't argue with the results.
  14. I haven't used my Helix into my Bose system yet, it's the same system you're using. I haven't gotten to the point of comfort that I had with the 2.0 Pod.(I know, I know, I have all the others, but nothing else since the 2.0 has done what I want) I do run a variax acoustic 700 through it and a few JTV59 guitars. It does seem a bit shrill, especially the Vax 700. I'm sure nothing I'm saying right now helps, but I wanna follow this thread and hopefully hear others and contribute when I have my Helix patches working the way I want.
  15. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from, a lot of techs talk down WD40...but IMO it is one of the best products out there period. In the 40+ years I've been using it, it's done a lot more good than harm. It's saved my lollipop countless times. YMMV. I use it for everything from cleaning strings to scratchy pots to crappy JTV bridges, personally I had better results on one particular bridge than from using De-Oxit and other electronic cleaning products I've had lying around. The Dead A string came back to life after a tiny shot of WD, and I've been using the JTV regularly since. I avg. 3 gigs per week. Whereas, L6 tech support has let me down too many times with non-answers and just general lack of knowledge. the condescending tone doesn't help either. I wouldn't count on them for the telling me the correct time. With respect to failing piezos and the grounding issues on JTV's, and other bridges issues. I'm calling out for anyone to sound off with legit, workable solutions. I'm far from a Mr. Know it all, but I know what has worked for me.
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