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  1. Quite so... DUH!!... Thanks again!
  2. Worked lile a charm!... Strange thing though... I have a return 2 but not a return 1... hmmm... Anyway, many thanks!
  3. Thanks. I'll give that a try!
  4. Trying to use my synth with my hx effect via efx loop return. My bass is the main input so it's going to the input in jack but i have a twelve step foot pedal board midi connected to a korg volca fm. The out of the volca is going into efx loop one return. Shouldn't this work?
  5. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    Indeed, that's what I've been doing but the H9 midi spec is unclear as to what cc number would control say volume (typically cc 7 in midi) as opposef to the "a" to "b" slider on most of the algorithms.
  6. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    I think i have it working but don't know what cc paths go to what functionality. It seems to be between 20 and thirty
  7. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    I'll definitely try the Bluetooth. Btw i have a roland ev5 going to the helix but want it to act like it's plugged into the H9. I think i can do it with the right midi cc. Do you do anything like that?
  8. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    Well... just wow... turns out it wasn't working till i unplugged from the computer. Now the fun begins. I really appreciate you helping a kindred musician. Nothing more sad than getting static when you need help. I'll try to return the favor here whenever I can.
  9. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    No worries... I appreciate the help. It's a new cable, but you never know. I'll test it tonight.
  10. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    Thanks for the reply. I've followed your procedure but it appears that the H9 isn't receiving any midi data. I'm not sure why this is. Everything seems configured correctly on both the HX as well as the H9. Did you have a problem with the H9 receiving data?
  11. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    Can't get my HX to control the H9 expression via midi. I also can't get the H9 to receive midi clock from the HX. Anybody doing this already? Thanks, Marty
  12. good thought. I've tried the original idea and since the 2 effects are "special" and not always on, I place them in the B chain and punch in as needed. Not optimum, but this is still and awesome system. Thanks for the input. I'm starting another thread regarding interfacing with the H9
  13. Hi, Bass Player here... I just received my HX Effects and am having trouble integrating my only two "other" pedals, (an Eventide H9, and an EHX Superego Plus). I want to run each of these in stereo but the HX only has two mono send/receive busses. My floorboard also has a Soundcraft Notepad 8fx mixer that I was thinking of plugging the H9 into 3/4 and the EHX into 5/6, but sending to them discretely using the send busses of the HX (not utilizing the returns). There's also a Boss RC-3 looper connected to tape in/tape out. The downside I see is that I won't be able to rout the H9 or the EHX to anything else after the output stage, but the upside is that I should be able to hear them both with stereo imaging. Can any of you think of any other options?... Am I thinking reasonably about this? Thanks and great to be on board here, Marty
  14. For my Variax 700. All of my searches have been in vain. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marty
  15. Hi, I'm a bass player using a Boss GT-10B and am interested in replacing it with an M9. Being a former owner of a floor POD XT, I know that the individual sounds that I'm after are possible, but there is one effect sound in particular that I've used through the years and I want to make sure that I can achieve this "signature" sound with the M9: My GT-10B has two effect busses that enable me to use a momentary switch to open my delay for as long as my foot is pressing down on the pedal. When my foot releases the pedal the delay trails while I continue with my dry bass sound. This is great for transitions and is important for my purposes. Can the switches in a scene be set for toggle or momentary? Can I configure the M9 to let the delay trail afterwards? Thanks Marty
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