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  1. FYI, In the video at approx. 5:45 min. to 6:45 min. is where he is talking about the brass tone block. I clipped a picture attached below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa5wrN_JZzg&t=446s
  2. Yes sir...I totally understand that this would be taking a risk...just curious if anyone else had attempted this and if they had good results...not yet sure that it would even be worth it but it appears that at least two other individuals have had success.
  3. I've seen a couple of guys that posted on Facebook and Youtube (links below) where they had replaced the standard tone block under the tremolo bridge of their JTV-69's with a custom "Bell Brass" version with great results. Has anyone else done a mod like this? Would this type of mod be possible by modifying an existing brass tone block that's currently being sold (FU-Tone, Guitar Fetish, etc.) and if so, does anyone have the specs on the standard tone block being used in the JTV-69 (overall dimensions, attachment screw spacing, etc.). I know that modifications would be required on anything that would be existing (6 spaces for Piezo wiring, spot for Piezo interface circuit board, etc.), or would it be better to start from scratch with a Bell Brass bar and have a machine shop replicate the original? Not sure that this mod would be worth all of the effort, but was curious if anyone had any experience with this type of mod or thoughts on the subject. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Alberto Pfeifer - Hello, i love my Variax JTV 69S, and... | Facebook (92) Variax JTV 69 upgrades an comparisons - YouTube FU-TONE.COM, OFFICIAL BIG BLOCK PERFORMANCE UPGRADES FOR YOUR GUITAR! (fu-tone.com) Upgrade Steel and Brass Tremolo Blocks (guitarfetish.com)
  4. This might help... (467) Pedal Board Breakdown: Integrating Line 6 Helix, Eventide H9, Analog Pedals and MIDI - YouTube I have been able in the past to change algorithmns on the H9 just by switching from one Helix present to another...It takes a little set up, but is not too hard once you get the hang of it... Enjoy!
  5. I have kept my Eventide H9 Max, an EHX POG 2, an EHX Mel9 and a Roland GR-55... Hoping the Helix will have a better sounding octave up option in a future update!
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