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  1. Anyone at all has a stable, bugfree experience of 2.82 ? Numerous issues has been «reported» here since august-september last year, but all I see from Line 6 is «Do a clean install» or «You must have bugs in your presets». I've tried the «clean install» option about 8 times now - and it still has issues - even with only factory presets. … And yes, I followed the instructions, point-by-point, every time! About my own presets ... they all work fine in 2.71 without issues at all, so why do they crash under 2.82 ?? Just wondering why Line6 take so long adressing these issues.
  2. michalaase

    2.82 Update

    I tried the 2.80 and 2.81 upgrades!. Spent 4 days with errors and frustrations before I gave up and «downgraded» to 2.71. Luckily I had a backup ! :) I tried the upgrade procedure at least 4-5 times, and did every step exactly as described - no luck at all !! After downgrading - NO errors, and everything is working as before. BIG «Puh» ! I know there's a 2.82 version out now, but I don't have time to spend another hours of testing if bugs from the 2.80 and 2.81 upgrades still remains, so … Anybody know if the 2.82 update are free of all the bugs presented in 2.80 and 2.81 ?
  3. Hi Same thing here. After updating Helix Floor from 2.71 to 2.81 some of my (user) Snapshots suddenly generates an error code: «The Helix device failed to recall snapshot data properly». Aftrer that, an issue with the switches - they does not change when I press them. Also - after some time trying several switches, snapshots etc. - Helix freezes and I have to shut down/startup to get it going. Also had the level issue, but setting Global Settings > XLR Outputs to Line helped. - Which tells me that the 2.81 update did NOT load the old General Settings properly (from Backup). Until they fix this, I'll have to downgrade to 2.71 and load my fresh 2.71 Backup file. Way to many of my Patches contains Snapshots that failed, and I don't want to spend several days regenerating them. Also - saving Patches one-by-one (from 2.71) does NOT fix this problem !! If Line6 are listening - the attached patch does NOT load properly in 2.81!!. (Patch courtesy of Frank Perl - some modifications made by me) Mesa Boogie JP2C.hlx
  4. Do you still make these cables ? I need a 10' and a 20'. Preferely black/red, but any color are OK.
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