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  1. I’m using a HD500x with a JTV-59. Both inputs are set to Variax. I’m planning on plugging the SP/DIF output into my PC (Windows 7) and monitor the output from the HD500x going into to two KRK RP5 studio monitors. Alternatively I might go from the POD via XLR to my Focusrite 2i2 audio interface and then out to the KRK monitors. Does anyone know of a simple piece of software that might run standalone (i.e. not a VST plugin so I have to open Cubase or some such thing) that will monitor the input and I can have almost like a widget on my Windows desktop? I’d like something that would visually show clipping i.e. a red light or whatever. Sometimes its hard to hear when a distorted sound starts to clip, so I find a visualisation useful. I had borrowed a Fishman SA220 PA from a friend and whilst very sensitive it has little red lights that flash when the input is clipping, I have been plugging directly via XLR into that, but I need to give the Fishman back so a software based solution that does the same thing would be good. Any ideas?
  2. I’m using a HD500x with a JTV-59. Both inputs are set to Variax. Has anyone noticed something similar to this: Using a patch with dual amps. Uncheck the button for either amp or even set one of the amps to “---“ so there is one active amp and the other amp is off/bypassed. Can anyone detect an underlying dull tone being played along with the amp still in use's tone? Almost sounds as if you have a dull Reso guitar being played quietly as well as whatever else you actually have dialled in. As soon as I activate a second amp that dull ghost tone goes away. Just in case anyone suggests it: No, I don't think its coming from the magnetic pickups.
  3. Hi, I have a JTV-59 and HD500x. I have the HD500x connected to a PC via USB. Using that setup with the HD500x outputting to a small PA system what is the best way to make sure the HD500x isn't "colouring" the sound of the models I build in Workbench HD? I wondered how you guys go about it. I want to build my guitars' in Workbench HD and then move to POD HD500x edit to build my tones afterwards. What I appear to need is a "bypass" setting on the HD500x i.e. so the PC still detects it and takes the information from the JTV-59 to Workbench software but the output I get to the PA isn't affected by any HD500x settings. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi, I’ve had an XT live for years now and always gone straight from the Left jack to a line input on our desk and not used a DI box, nor bothered running two jacks to the desk. The POD has always been set to Studio Direct. Now I want to know how to maximise the PODs potential and get that sound you get in your headphones, but through the PA. So the questions are: Should I use a DI box? If so, does it need to be a stereo DI box running from the jacks into the DI and then XLR to desk? Can I just run a jack from the Headphone socket to the DI, then XLR to the desk? Is there anything else I need to setup on the POD to maximise the sound potential (ignoring EQ on my sounds or anything like that)? Not that relevant I don’t think, but I mainly use a Variax JTV-59. Thanks in advance
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