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  1. In case it helps, I also get this error in POD HD500 EDIT with flash v2.62 (in both Windows and macOS), but not with v2.32.
  2. Thanks so much for the help! I've tried a few things based on your suggestions: Restarted with the left pad button down - got the "UPDATE FLASH" message. Reinstalled the 2.62 flash through L6 Monkey was then stuck on the "UPDATE FLASH" message no matter what I did (including trying t global reset) Tried a rollback to 2.32 - that worked, and all functionality returned. Reinstalled 2.62. Same result: not button functionality. Reinstalled with "UPDATE FLASH" mode. That worked and I was not stuck on the screen that time. The system sees the unit as v2.62 The pad/knob works on startup, but as soon as I engage a foot switch, ALL switches stop working. If I restart, I get the same results again. Holding down the left pad arrow button does not initiate a global reset. Any thoughts? (ETA: I need v2.63 so I can get back to my patches that don't work with v2.32.) Second addition: It seems all the switches work (including foot switches) *except* FS5 - FS8 everything else does what it should, but once I activate any of FS5-8, all other knobs/buttons/etc. stop working unless restarted. Third addition: Weirdly, I can do a pedal calibration, which uses all four FS5-8 (A-D) foot switches - they work fine in that mode. So they are working, but only in that mode.
  3. I just updated my POD HD500 to the latest flash memory (2.62), and although everything appeared to go smoothly, on restart (which seemed to go fine), ALL the switches no longer work at all - knobs, foot switches, expression pedals ... everything. It doesn't show up on USB anymore, and I can't even do a factory reset on the unit because nothing works on it. The screen seems to think all is well and shows the first patch I have, but I can't do anything at all. Do I have any options?
  4. These are Bluetooth devices, so there's no way to reconnect them, unfortunately. This did not happen in the past, so it's very odd that this started with macOS 10.14.
  5. If I have my POD HD500 connected my Mac via USB, whenever I unplug it, my keyboard and mouse stop working completely. I need to restart my computer to use them again. This seems to have started with Mojave, bu I can't remember for certain. Has anyone else had similar issue or know of a fix? Thanks.
  6. Yep, it did. Basically, after installing and restarting, I went immediately to System Preferences > Security > General (the first tab in Security) and unlocked to make changers, and the "Driver failed to install" message was right there, below the "Allow apps downloaded from" options. Hope that helps!
  7. Never mind - I found the post that explains the security settings.
  8. I just rebuilt my Mac, and tried installing both HD500 driver versions 7.2.5 and 7.2.7 multiple times, and nothing is showing up as a driver. I've also use both Line 6 Monkey and the downloadable installers on the site. Does anyone have any tips on ho to fix this? This has never happened to me before. Thanks.
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