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  1. About Dual Amp mixer polarity issue. When I use dual amp set up in the signal chain, there is a polarity issue with ANGEL Meteor, Archetype Lead. In the firmware version 2.82, there was no problem using the dual amp chain by any combinations. (I usually combine ANGEL Meteor with Cali IV Lead or Solo Lead OD) However, upon updating to 2.90 version, I found something really strange from the sound of my existing presets, which have dual amp signal chain with the amps above mentioned. So I checked everything, and read again everything in the release note, and do every single procedure accroding to the release note. But nothing has been chanaged. (Now I am 2.91, but the problem is still there) Of course, If I just change the polarity normal to inverted, they sound fine as usual. However, this kind of unexpected change should be addressed as soon as possible. Here is the detailed information about the issue 1) Dual amp chain with ANGEL Meteor, or Archetype Lead + any amps ; the ploarity in the mixer tab should be in 'inverted' position 2) Dual amp chain with ANGEL Meteor and Archetype Lead ; the ploarity in the mixer tab should be in 'normal' position ** In the firmware 2.82, there was no such kind of issues.
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