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  1. I'm a little hearing impaired and none of the bands I play with have embraced wireless IEMs. I run a Rolls PM351 on my pedalboard which my bass, vocal mic and a monitor feed from the PA go through which I plug my IEMs into hard wired. I cant help but wish for a small transmitter with about the same footprint as the Rolls or better yet, an integrated mixer/transmitter from Line 6 that can live on my pedal board. Maybe going completely crazy and integrating my bass wireless into one package? The Rolls has worked well for me so far regardless of who I play with or how they're equipped. If only it were digital wireless.
  2. dreamsinger

    Wish list

    As a bass player I already feel that I've been abandoned by Line 6 but I'll throw this out there. I play bass and have been using an X3 bean as the front end into a Peavey IPR3000 and a couple of MarkBass cabs. I had an X3 Live and really liked to functionality of it but between advancing age and a motorcycle accident, bending over to tweak it was a bit painful. What I wish Line 6 would do is stuff the X3 Live into a 1u rack. I don't need all the functions of an X3 Pro and I sure don't want to waste 3 spaces in my rack. All I want beyond the bean's features are 2 XLR outs and an aux in. I think you'd be surprised at how well received something like this would be. Heck, I'd buy 2, one for my bass rack and another for mu guitar rig going into a Marshall 20/20. The bean has too few features, the X3 live is a PITA to tweak on the fly and the X3 Pro is total overkill for most of us. I'd spring for an HD Pro at 2u but it appears you totally hung bass players out to dry on that one.
  3. I already found out the hard way that it won't fit in a 2.0 case. Will someone give me a definitive yes or no about stuffing it in an XT case? Thanks!
  4. I've been running my X3 bean into my power amp from a single output Y'd into the left/right inputs of the power amp. I power each of my two MarkBass cabs individually. What I'd like to do is run the other output to the PA mixer. How do I get the proper level for each output and get speaker sim on the PA feed and no speaker sim on the feed to the power amp? I'm apparently missing something in the manual.
  5. Excellent idea. I was overthinking it with the idea that they had to be tapered like the rubber ones. Thanks!
  6. Ten freakin' bucks? I wouldn't mind if they weren't apparently designed to fall off and create a neverending repeating market for replacements. The adhesives don't work. I think I'll crank up the lathe and make some tapered aluminum plugs that will screw on.
  7. I use an X3 bean pod on a mic stand adapter. My only gripe is that if you look at the rubber locating plugs crosseyed they pop out and disappear. Superglue didn't work, RTV didn't work. Anybody have any luck keeping them in? Can I get a bag of them?
  8. dreamsinger

    Large display

    On my X3 bean and X3 Live the large display with just the bank and preset number only come up when I hit bank up or down then returns to the edit page as soon as I select A,B,C or D. Is there a way to keep the large display active all the time? The tiny letters of the edit page are useless when you're playing since your have have to kneel down to read it.
  9. I have both the X3 Pod and X3 Live and use them for both bass and guitar. I use a FBY shortboard with the Pod and the only gripe I have is that I can't switch Tone 1, Tone 2 or Both with the pedal. For bass I run into a Peavey IPR 3000 and a pair of MarkBass cabs. For guitar I plug into a Marshall 20/20 power amp into a pair of 1x12 Lopoline cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's. The Marshall warms up the guitar sounds nicely. One of the reasons I got the bean Pod was because tweaking the X3Live on the floor was a PITA for me as I'm older and busted up from a motorcycle accident. With the Pod velcroed on top of my power amp rack case I can can make adjusts on the fly a little easier.
  10. I'm in the Seattle area and I've yet to see/hear the M20D and speakers. How do I find one that can be demo'd?
  11. Having this data inan XL file that I could print out sure would be handy. Can't highlight and copy. Any solution?
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