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  1. Thanks. Found the problem. Didn't realize I was in 32 bit mode.Now I just have to fix some other plugins. Native is working though. Can't wait to delve into it!
  2. I have a MacBook Pro and am using Logic 9. The Line 6 plugins aren't showing up under inserts. Tried restarting Logic and rebooting the Mac. Still not there. I'm a Windows guy and Mac confounds me. Does anyone have some advice? TIA.
  3. Going to be a loooooooooong day at work. I think I might be coming down with something...<cough, cough>
  4. leeotto

    Where is Native?

    UGH! I've been in the "take my money already!" mode since Feb. I'd pull my hair out if I had any. :D Seriously, thanks for the update. Really looking forward what's coming.
  5. Line 6 must have figured out what to change. I had the same scrolling, loss of input issue and I shipped my unit to them. They could only have worked on a few hours based on the UPS tracking, and I got my unit back. Unless they somehow curled the edges of the original screen protectors which I never removed. Great customer service. No problems since.
  6. I concur. Best customer service. I had a problem with firmware updating. Shipped the unit cross county and back in 3 days. All fixed. No charge. Can't wait for Helix Native. I'm just begging them to take my money.
  7. I had similar issues with recording. I just figured out how to change assignments of the USB ins and outs so for the longest time I couldn't get the levels to work well. I was hearing tracks form the DAW sent to my speakers and the guitar from the Helix sent to my speakers. By changing the routhing the Helix output only went to the DAW, then everything the DAW was "hearing" was sent to the speakers (Helix and other tracks). There was definitely a difference in the tone. I'm really excited about the Helix Native because I'm looking forward to recording dry guitar and endlessly modifying it afterwards. :)
  8. Just wanted to update everyone about my experience. I submitted a support ticket. After directing them to my efforts listed in this thread the tech quickly came to the conclusion I needed to send it for service. Customer service was AMAZING! I sent it from the east coast to CA Monday and it was back Wednesday. I haven't had any issues yet, but I plan to test it more this weekend. Can't give enough love to Line 6 for their great support.
  9. Thanks amsdenj. I still had the same problem after the global reset with no custom patches or IRs loaded. Customer support says it needs to come back for service. Appreciate everyone trying to help.
  10. I did one of my firmware upgrades to 2.20 directly over the 2.20 that was giving me trouble. I am currently using the updater to go back to 2.00 and step through each update. So far none of these options has worked so I don't know if you 'should', but you can.
  11. I considered that so I unplugged after the firmware install and it still happens. Only power, guitar, and a mono/left XLR FRFR speaker connected.During one of the "freezes" I unplugged the USB and it crashed and restarted my MacBook. In my case scrolling away doesn't help. I can still switch tones and even edit, but no sound, which was what made me check the input and notice the tuner is locked on Ab with the red and yellow indicators all the way left. I appreciate the assistance. Thanks.
  12. During one of the downgrades back to 2.12 I did see the reboot happen automatically. During the 3 or 4 upgrade attempts the installer screen goes to the screen telling me to wait for the auto reboot to finish and then reset global presets. The display screen goes blank but the scribble strips still show the preset names and it stays that way for at least 10 minutes (about when I get frustrated and power it off/on.). Once it does reboot I reset globals and it does show 2.20 on the displayShould I wait longer? Maybe jump back a few more revisions and upgrade from there? Frustrating. Thanks for taking the time to lend your advice.
  13. Is anyone else having this issue? I've tried downgrading firmware and everything works fine. Upgraded to 2.20 multiple times, different USB cables, different ports, WindowsPC and Macbook, no setlists or IRs added, just firmware presets. No luck. Scrolling through the presets on the Helix with no USB connected and after 3 - 8 different presets the output disappears and I think the Helix input is locked up because the tuner is locked on Ab. The tones sound great with the upgrade but I don't think I should have to power off/on to change between them. :unsure:
  14. I had a similar problem with the 2.12 upgrade. I think what resolved it was installing a lower version firmware and upgrading again from that point. Good Luck!
  15. I'm having the exact same experience. Some tones come alive with the volume pedal but many times that doesn't seem to work. I mostly use the editor to navigate so the OP has saved me seeing if the editor was the cause. The other related problem I notice when the tones cut off is the tuner is stuck on Ab. One odd problem (maybe) is when the last two updates were performed I noticed the automatic reboot wasn't automatic. I had to manually switch the Helix off. Plan to work with it more tonight
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