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  1. I’ve seen posts on here talking about free IR’s from line 6... the “allure” pack or something? I’ve searched the site and cannot find anything like this... any ideas?
  2. Mmmm ok. that could be it! i don’t think I’ll get rid just yet! really like it and wanna give it a fair trial! thanks!!
  3. Ok guys.... thank you all. I will try your advice... to be fair I’m NOT using a true FRFR speaker. it’s a full range £1000 - 1000w powered HK Audio Linear 5 11fa. a bit like listening through big high end studio monitors. Could that be the problem??
  4. Ok.... whatever amp/cab combinations I Seem to use in moderate gain settings I get this horrid buzzy sound when palm muting power chords... ie: start of “summer of ‘69” I do not get this with my marshall DSL 40c (even at higher gain settings) and the same guitars...? how can I dial this out?? ps: I’ve used 3 different sets of High end, powered full range speakers and also tried headphones... all give three same result?? help please?!!
  5. The Mac neeeded a software update.... all works fine now!!
  6. One day old helix floor. Perfect working order when switched on. Upgraded to 2.71. Immediately after this (and after resets and re-installing firmware?several times) Scribble strip above “mode” switch. Totally whited out. Every pixel lit.
  7. Ok.... WTF? i have the latest apple OS on my MacBook PRO.... when i I connect the helix and use it as the sound output source, it causes YouTube to fast forward through videos and QuickTime/iTunes also to fast forward through mp3’s why is this happening and is there any way to stop it?? help!
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