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  1. I have a Shortboard MKII, and really want to use it more with midi than my Amplifi (which I may end up selling since I don't really use it at all). The software package I've been using lately is Bias FX Pro, and what I'd like to know is with this setup, if I load a patch that say has a drive pedal and a mod pedal active by default, will the lights on the floorboard reflect that? The FBV 3 is a cool piece of kit, and I'd gladly upgrade to it if that's what it takes, but if I can use what I've got I'd be very happy. Right now I'm just plugged in to my Mac by USB and have to watch the screen to see what's enabled and not. Also, don't care about the tuner, since i'm using it with my computer and have an external tuner already. Thanks
  2. Just wondering if there's any delay switching patches with either the FBV Shortboard MKII or FVB3 foot pedals on these amps? I have an amplifi 150 that I'd be interested in trading up for a Spider V 240, but one of my major gripes with it is the delay in switching patches (the number one gripe is a lack of mac/pc tone editing, but that horse has been beaten to death and Line 6 just ain't listening...) Anyone know if this is a problem with the Spider V series as well?
  3. Seems to have worked for now. Not sure why I'd have to do this, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  4. I've had a 150 since Dec 2015. It's been a pretty good amp so far, and I really like it. Just lately I've noticed that I have to manually connect my phone to it. When I power up the amp, the bluetooth light on it just doesn't come on at all. I have to push that button, then manually select it on my phone. A lot of the time I don't bother using it with my phone, since I have a FBV Shortboard MKII, but when I want to it's a bit of a pain to have to start fiddling with the amp and phone before it pairs up. Thoughts?
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