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  1. Hola. Acabo de comprar el StageSource, y no sé qué adaptador wifi le sirve. Los que pone en el manual son antiguos y no se venden en España. ¿Alguien puede recomendar alguno que se venda por Amazon? Gracias.
  2. I think you can use both. Connect the helix by USB. In the DAW, you choose the in you want to use for each track. Sorry for my bad english.
  3. srcsrc

    Snapshot Delete

    I use to reneme the snapshot that i don't need, whitout name.
  4. Good Morning. I had not recorded for a while (I use the Helix interface and Logic Pro X) and yesterday I tried it for a while. My surprise was that the virtual instruments and Logic itself (even the metronome) are at a huge volume compared to the guitars coming out of the helix. I do not know what I touched, but before, the volume was right, and it is not a matter of raising the volume to each preset. It must be some configuration, but I do not know where to start. Any idea?
  5. Thank you. The problem was that the button on the model looks like it was hard. Now it works without a battery.
  6. Hi. I just received my new Variax JTV 69 and when I connect it to the Helix, I only get the magnetic pickups. Is it necessary for the battery to be charged and installed in the Variax? Can it be a malfunction? I will continue to do tests, but I think it is not normal. :(
  7. The helix editor does not work without connecting it.You can install it, but until you connect it, it does not work.
  8. Yes, but I do not know set for each of the programs, and not trust me to touch it and then not work with the Amplify. I have seen where the configuration files are saved, and see one of POD Farm, but do not know what the Amplifi or other programs like Amplitube:
  9. I just bought the FBV Express MKII and Amplifi 75. So far I have received the express fbv, and I tried to use it with amplitube and pod farm but does not work and I have not dared to touch parameters, to make sure it works with the FBV Express . I have seen that the presets can be saved as "name.fbv" but I have not seen anyone share presets specific to each application. Could anyone tell me where to get those presets? (Surely someone has already saved). Sorry for my bad English but google translator so. If there is any Spanish, I'd appreciate it too.
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