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  1. This is not the way I have it set up. The input is split into two and this used to work. Only if there is actually something plugged into the second input or variax are the 2 paths exclusive. If what you say is true, a Volume Pedal in that position would do the trick but it has no effect.
  2. reinstalling 1.2 took care of the original problem but reintroduced a new and puzzling isse. I am working with tech support on this one. Here is the situation. I would be interested if anyone else can produce this: I started with a new tone,(Nothing in the chain) Added AC 30 TB then Added a second amp, Sol 100 Crunch. I noticed I had no second amp sound. Rolling the channel volume up and down produced no difference. On a whim, I added a noise gate in the effects chain before the split. The amp works. If I turn the noise gate off, the amp won’t work. If I move the noise gate into the split ahead of only the second amp, the amp doesn’t work. The effect must be before the split. Additional information: I tried all effect types and the above is true for all except for Vol, wah, or pre-eq. (they have no influence over this anomaly).
  3. I have both bags and your second choice fits the HD500 much nicer.
  4. Okay: I just got off the phone with support. My input settings are 1.Guitar and 2,Same. The tech said that number 2 setting at Same will double the signal of the input source. Instead, I should set 2 to Variax as this will reference the digital input and since nothing is there, the second input source is ignored. I'll try this tonight. ..... Okay I just tried it out and no dice. In fact, with amps off or amps on, it sounds exactly the same. I rolled back the firmware from 1.2 to 1.1 and it seems to have fixed the issue. Now there IS a difference when turning on and off the amp modules.
  5. Yes I have the switch set to AMP. I have to use the Master volumne to adjust the loudness in the room as I am using the PWR Amp input on my Blues Deluxe (there is no power amp adjutment on the amp).
  6. The mixer block as far as I can tell lowers the volume of the entire signal. It's doesn't seem to change the ratio of dry to modeled signal. The difference in my dry signal and the modeled signal is about 2 db.
  7. Also make sure your "1/4" out" switch is set to "AMP"and not "LINE". Try different outputs in your VIEW/Utilities setup. Like PWR AMP IN, Combo In, Stack in. This will change the color of your tone.
  8. So my input is set to guitar and my output is to power amp in-going into the PWR Amp input on my Blues Delixe. With no amps or pre-amps selected, why do I have a clear audio signal from my guitar? It is as strong as the if an amp was on. The end result is that an amp selection merely colors this dry signal.
  9. I am using the same amp as you (I use 2 for stereo). Get a ground lift connector for the power plug on your amp. I've had to to that in many venues even before I started using LINE6 stuff. The same thing on the XT Live and X3 Live as well.
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