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  1. Hi Looking to try a power cab Got a Helix hooked up to my Orange Crush Pro via the 4 Cable method and love it... Want to us the powerCab as stage amp, not interested in IR's. Do I need the Plus version?
  2. I use Orange Crush pro, 4 cable method works fantastic.
  3. Not looking for sarcasm, some of you on here are so up your own arses you rather mock than give helpful insight.....
  4. Ok so here is my challenge... I have 4 base snapshot sounds Clean, Crunch, Overdrive & Heavy Overdrive. I have 3 delays, flanger, rotary, chorus, boost, phaser that need to be available for any of my base sounds. So 8 snapshots will not work all those different combinations , which is why I have to go into Mode to toggle more stomps. Just want to see if there is any better way of working presets.
  5. Sure understood, It's not the amount of snapshots but the switchable effects I use within each snapshots I use 4 snapshots..... Clean Crunch Overdrive Heavy overdrive Which leaves only 4 switchable effects buttons, if I need more I have to go into Mode to access more effects to use. Considering using a non snapshot preset to give me more flexibility.
  6. Hi, Anyone use Snapshots and Non Snapshot presets? Current snapshots doesn't give me enough space for additional foot switchable effects.
  7. Any help would be appreciated, currently using a Blackstar Artist 15 4CM which sounds great, but looking for back up/alternative options.
  8. How did you do the A/B switching & stuff? My Blackstar switches with these commands use this settings in command centre to a footswtich Command = Bank/prog midi ch 1 Program 1 =clean 2= crunch 3=super crunch
  9. Thanks for the info. Midi switching is not the issue for me, its the effects that I don't want to use going from Clean to any of the other channels. If I can configure switching/routing to achieve this that would be great.....
  10. Will this stop the chorus being used separately assigned to its own footswitch? I need to switch to either Crunch or Super Crunch from Clean. I have not managed to create one patch yet to achieve this , I use 3 patches at the moment. Clean, Crunch & Super Crunch....
  11. Hi Here's my challenge...... I have a Blackstar Series on 50 head and currently use Midi to switch channels and due to the latency of switching patches, I want to se if there is any way to use one patch to switch channels and effects. I do not use 4 cable method due to tone suck, I run the guitar out via 1/4 of Helix to front of amp in path 1 and use a 2nd separate path for the effects loop through the amp via send 1 & 2 Changing channels is fine using midi, but changing from a clean with chorus to a crunch or super crunch channel without chorus is proving to be difficult in a single patch. Clean channel only effects - Chorus & long delay Shared effects on all 3 channels - delays, phaser, flanger, reverb. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Paul
  12. Hi, Anyone put together a good organ sound effect? Paul Hindmarsh has produced track with 2 rotary speakers in the patch that sounds good. I use a EHX pedal at the moment but would like to get a good organ and synth sounds from the helix.
  13. Any one using this? Interested in the limitations of how many channels are switchable 2 or 3? Cheers Paul
  14. Hi, Looking to buy a JVM and need to know what midi values can be used to control the channel options. The way the JVM works is that you set the amp desired setting, activate Midi mode, and send any code such as 01 from Helix pedal. The JVM remembers the Midi value and channel setting and recalls it when you send 0. So what Midi CC# values are free to use for this set up? Thanks Paul
  15. When you send the program you need can you be more specific?
  16. Ok great, What commands do you use? How do you assign these commands to a footswitch? I have read the manual a few times now and think its fairly straight forward but wanted to get your input please. Thanks
  17. So looking for a used DT25 now, hope to get one soon. How did you turn off the amp,cab & mic sims on the DT ? If I want to use the DT for a jam with just a guitar, will I need to reset the DT to use the amp models?
  18. Interested to know if this amp works well on not? Cheers Paul
  19. Great thanks, do you have any recordings? So what output do you send to the PA?
  20. So which amps are working? I am considering a DT25 but want to look at all options. Some key considerations:- Channels changing via Helix Do front of amp effects work well Is Midi the best option Look forward to your comments Cheers Paul
  21. Has anyone had any good tones and switching via Midi?
  22. So this thread has not evolved as I though it would...... I was hoping for was tips and advice on crafting a good tone. I have taken the time to work on my presents, purchased other available presets to further my experience. So I believe this to be the best multi-effect pedal I have ever purchased, what my ears hear and desire as tone need to be created by me, not by someone else What I have learned so far is- Impedance setting is key using the right monitor to craft you tone is essential No rules but guidelines, what you hear is what you need to be happy with. So @Digital_Igloo please keep up the good work, appreciate you guidance and help.
  23. The search continues....... I did some more experimenting tonight....and..... Guitar In Impedance - by setting this to Auto made the presets sound better L2M on floor monitor default floor monitor mode, changed to PA mode also made a improvement. Played back a few of the presets and they start to sound a lot better, any more suggestions?
  24. I have the AES/EBU cable and its set to Line, it sounds terrible through headphones as well. :(
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