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  1. Hey folks. Running an HC Stomp with a Morningstar MC6 controlling it. I have another medal that I’d like the MC6 to control but it’s 1/4” midi. If I get a 5 pin midi to 1/4” midi cable and put it in the HX stomp midi thru into the pedal (Alexander sky 5000) will that send midi to it? Or do I need some sort of separate box? I guess the question would be similar if I wanted to control the 1/4” midi pedal from command center in the HX stomp. Any insights?
  2. Anything like this available with updated effects (KOT, newer verbs, etc) and IR’s?
  3. What is your signal chain? I'm experiencing the hum as well but am running a few pedals between the G10 and the DI to the house. Curious where this adaptor should go?
  4. I've been using stomp for months with both of my acoustics (Martin CEO-7 & Gibson J-45 both with LR Baggs Element). I ran a pretty extensive analog rig before to get the best tone possible but found that the stomp can get me pretty close. I'm simply using the studio preamp, some verb and spent a lot of time with the EQ. For church use I spent a lot of time with our sound engineer to EQ each guitar perfectly for the church which makes it very consistent. I've been really happy with it. I've tried IR's for acoustic but they do nothing for me (although I use IR's all the time for electric). That's my 2 cents. Best of luck!
  5. Helix is...stomp isn't yet. Will try that! Thanks.
  6. Both are confirmed updated. And yes, I'm signed into my Line 6 account in HX Edit.
  7. Stomp and HX Edit are both updated to the latest firmwares
  8. Hey guys, Bought a pack of IR's from Ownhammer for my Helix LT and have been LOVING them! I want to load one of them into my stomp but it keeps coming up with an error code. They're .hir files...will they not work in a stomp?
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