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  1. I've had my Helix freeze up on me like this. Granted, it has only happened a couple times, and I was on an earlier firmware: 2.21 I think, or maybe it was 2.12... I don't know, I'm dyslexic (smirk). Anyway, I haven't had it happen on 2.30 yet, but if it continues to freeze on boot-up, do keep us posted. And of course, contact support. Just know that you're not alone (wink). Cheers!
  2. I have to move some patches around this week anyway, so I'll try that (fingers crossed). Thanks for the advice, Peter, much appreciated. Cheers!
  3. Okay, so... Every once in a while, somewhat randomly it would seem, when I boot up the Helix, one of the footswitches (it always seems to be switch 4 in my case) has the state of its LED reversed: i.e. the patch will have been saved with the effect bypassed and the light off, but the Helix will boot up with the effect bypassed and the light on... Why? It doesn't seem to matter how many times I re-save the patch, and sometimes I can go weeks without seeing this bug at all, but then I turn on the Helix one day and suddenly the state of the LED is reversed again. How can that be? I can see if it happened every single time I rebooted the box, but why randomly? About the only insight I can offer, in hopes of narrowing it down, is that the switch is assigned to multiple blocks; some of which start on and get turned off, and others start off and get turned on with that same switch. Is the Helix getting confused? Are other parameters randomly reverting to previously saved states without me knowing? I've had this happen in the past, but only after updating the firmware and rebuilding patches. And I did recently updated to 2.30. But this is the first time that the issue has persisted afterward, despite re-saving the patch several times. Anyone? Cheers!
  4. Just updated to 2.30... All went well for the most part, but my Global Settings did not restore correctly: - Mic In Low Cut reset to zero, but should have been set to 100Hz - USB In 1/2 Destination was set to a number (5) instead of "Multi" or any of the other actually destinations (I read above that someone else saw this anomaly too) - USB In 1/2 Trim was set to a random number (I think it was 4.2 if that matters, but I could be wrong about that) instead of being set to zero where it was previously. And several of my patches, once again, restored from backup with many of the footswitch lights reversed —Ahem! This will be the third time that has happened... A bit frustrating. It's also worth mentioning that the tap tempo LED issue I reported early also persists (i.e. the tap tempo footswitch LED has started blinking HALF blue and HALF turquoise when synced, instead of all blue), so it would seem that I have a colour burned-out on one half of that LED ring or something. Unless it's possible that my complicated MIDI setup has sent some random NRPN message that has caused this anomaly? Anyone? Seems a coincidence to me that it happen the vary instant that I changed my MIDI routing. Anyway... Thanks for the update, Line 6. Keep 'em coming, eh! Cheers!
  5. Here's a silly question for y'all, certainly not an urgent matter by any means, but definitely a point of curiosity... I have my Helix synced to MIDI clock, which I've been doing for a while now, but today my tap tempo LED ring has started flashing, not blue, but HALF blue and HALF turquoise...!? Anyone else seeing that? Maybe I've just never noticed this before, but I'm sure it has always just been solid blue all 'round till today (scratches head). Could it be that I have an LED burned out? Cheers!
  6. Oh, it's not a concern about analog vs digital at all. I was simply out of inputs on both my Helix and the line mixer in my live rig, and was looking for yet another way to get auxiliary audio through the Helix. In truth, even if it had it been a viable solution, adding the 'POD XT Live' to my set-up would have been gratuitous anyway (smirk). Thanks for the replies, Rowbi. Off to find another solution to my audio excesses... Cheers!
  7. Hey, just thought I'd ask, you know, perchance someone had a clever tech solution. No need to state the obvious (wink). And considering that most Line 6 devices have USB audio capabilities, I maintain that it's a shame such a scenario wasn't planned for. Anyway, thanks for the replies, gents. Cheers!
  8. Hmm... I sense an air of doubt in that answer that holds a shred of hope - or denial (smirk). What about the Variax connection? Seems like a miss otherwise, not being able to connect other Line 6 pedals via the digital inputs. Cheers!
  9. Would it be possible to run audio from the 'POD XT Live' directly into the 'Helix' over USB? I'm out of inputs (grin). Cheers!
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