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  1. Yes - I understand. Sorry - I have not tried this yet but - what I read the manual as saying is: when you have assigned parameters to a switch, you have basically made it a Command Footswitch, not a Block/Effect footswitch. So you have to customize it from the Command Center screen. Not the Footswitch Assign screen.
  2. Page 39 of the manual: "Customizing a Command Footswitch Label"
  3. I reset the factory presets when I updated the firmware out of the box. So far, only issue is some noise on the bottom half of the main screen during startup. Going to be backing up presets a LOT during these early days, no way around it. Bugs getting worked out. Still have bugs on my new iPhone too - it's the way of the digital world.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to calibrate an external expression pedal? I don't see this in the manual anywhere; from a post on TGP I was under the impression this is possible. Thanks
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