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  1. I can't seem to find this global setting (last setting in Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo) in the manual: "Snapshot CC Send" On/Off. I'm assuming this enables/disables instant CC commands assigned to Snapshots in Command Center? Searched the firmware updates and manual...can't seem to find the documented explanation. Thanks
  2. What are my options for a frozen headphone knob on a Helix floor? Was thinking of trying some Deoxit/contact cleaner first - see if I can get it to move. Saw another thread on user repair/replacement of the pot. Hoping not to go down that road, but I guess I will if I have to. Way beyond warranty repair. Don't really use the thing but - also don't like have unusable knobs.
  3. Can't believe there's finally a Princeton. My new favorite Helix amp.
  4. Turned out to be user error on another piece of gear. I had disconnected an expression pedal that was controlling volume via MIDI CC and it defaulted to the lowest value. Dumb, dumb, dumb. 2.82 update went without a hitch (after all).
  5. Still troubleshooting but: after just updating to 2.82 all presets (or if I try to create a new preset) are SUPER quiet after the update. Not understanding where this massive volume drop is coming from.
  6. May it operates the same way as the Boss RE-20?: "Relative to whatever the tap delay time is at playback head 1, the tap delay time at playback head 2 is twice that, and the tap delay time at playback head 3 is three times that"
  7. Can anyone tell me what the tape head note values are if the tap tempo value is set to, say, 1/4 note? I'm not getting the interplay between the tap tempo note value and the play heads. Maybe it's not a neat tempo subdivision but a fraction or multiple of the tempo sync value but...I'm not able to get my head around it. Thanks!
  8. So - where I'm at is: I use the input pad on the Helix all the time. On most amp models, I have to hit the upper range of the channel volume (amp setup for clean or edge of breakup gain) to get it to occasionally light up orange (lead/solo volume) and not distort on a low, open E power chord. So when I set up my patch I get the output going until it distorts and then back it off about .5 on the channel volume to give myself some headroom. The last gig I played I got the Powercab volume up to about 3 o'clock for the gig. We are not a loud band but - I wouldn't have run it that loud if the amps had been going to the mains (which they were not). I find the angle of the Powercab is really good - and I can get good monitoring volume without being crazy loud onstage.
  9. I'm experiencing two issues in 2.53 that I'm pretty sure are NOT in my head: Issue experienced while programming presets with H9 being controlled via Helix MIDI for program changes, etc. - At times when switching between snapshots, all Distortion blocks will be turned on, when - previously on that Snapshot, specific Distortion blocks had been assigned/selected - MIDI Program Change messages being sent by Instant Commands on Snapshots are being changed/re-assigned. Most recent time it happened was when I was setting up a new Snapshot to send PC Instant command to select preset on the H9. Where, previously - Snapshots had been setup to send: Snapshot 1: PC 0 Snapshot 2: PC 0 Snapshot 3: PC 1 Snapshot 4: PC 2 After the new Snapshot (6) add been setup to send PC 9; all other Snapshots were now setup to send PC 1
  10. I can confirm that my Helix is sending Program Change messages via Snapshot instant commands using 2.53
  11. I saw a picture of Andy Summers and thought, "Put a chorus on it.'re done."
  12. Posting this in case it's helpful to anyone...took me most of the day to find a workaround :-) I was trying to figure out how to use MIDI CC from the Helix to control the Performance Switch in the Rotary Algo on my Eventide H9. I could set up a MIDI CC toggle switch and map it to the Performance Switch function, but when I do that - instead of mimicking the Performance Switch 100% (Fast/Slow; hold for Brake) it would only toggle between Fast and Break. BUT - if you assign an expression pedal as MIDI CC controller to the performance works. Toe down is brake and heel down toggles between Slow/Fast. You can use Min Value 0 and Max Value 127 for full range, but it seems to feel a little better to me if you set the closest possible max/min values for on/of (63 & 64). What David Lynch would call a "happy accident" because I kind of like working it with the expression pedal better than hitting a switch. A little more like a real Leslie. might ask, why not just assign max/min rotor speeds to the expression pedal and skip the performance switch function altogether? Because it doesn't ramp when you do that. I just glides in between fast and slow and in a rather un-Leslie-like way.
  13. Can the rubber feet on the bottom of the Helix be safely removed by unscrewing them, removing the feet - then replacing the screws? Are there any interior components that are secured by the same screws? I would like to mount my Helix to a Novo 32 Pedaltrain but need to get those rubber feet off to mount it properly. I will place is so the vent is not blocked :)
  14. I'm having trouble getting an external expression pedal to work correctly. Are the Line 6 expression pedals (Line 6 EX-1 or Mission) required to work correctly? When I set a min/max value for the expression pedal both heel and toe end up at the minimum value; it starts a minimum on the heel - through the sweep it will hit the maximum but then after about the halfway point it heads right back to the minimum value. This happens with all three expressions I have tried: Roland RV-5, Moog and Mission EP-1 Maybe I have totally missed something in the documentation about expression pedal requirements/specs but - I thought it was self-calibrating and I thought I had seen 3rd party expressions used with it in some of the videos. Here's a video of my issue:
  15. It seems to me with the first two firmware updates, if you want the new Factory Presets - you are instructed to hold down the switches during startup which clears all user global settings, Setlists, Presets and IR's. Wouldn't it be better just to make the new factory presets available as Setlists for download so that you could import those Setlists individually without re-setting all the global settings, user presets and IR's?
  16. You can solve the multiple blocks issue for the volume level by using the output mixer for your boost and controlling the boost level via Controller Assignment instead of blocks. After you move all your path 1B fx down to path 2; you could create a new parallel path BEFORE your preamp; the route to that path and control parameters of your Tubescreamer settings with Controller Assignments as well. Now you're getting away from blocks and towards controller assignments. The single delay can be brought in and out by setting the mix parameter to controller assignments as well. So now your three switches are setup as follows: BOOST: set mixer output level as controller assignment to boost 3db GAIN BOOST: Set mixer output level to boost 1.5db AND newly created Split/A/B block on Path 1 to route to 1B where you have the Tubescreamer setup GAIN BOOST DLA: Set mixer output level to boost 1.5db, route signal to 1B for Tubescreamer, bring Delay Mixer level from 0 to max value as desired Now you're controlling everything with Controller assignments and not blocks. Set up controller assignments on the remaining switch to bring in your delay block with parameter settings as desired including mix from zero to max value as desired.
  17. One thing you could do is move everything after the split on Path 1B down to 2. So Path one feeds into 2, then splits and all your 1B fx move down to 2B. This would help distribute DSP between the 2 processors.
  18. 1) I don't think it matters at what point you connect the USB to a computer. I usually hook it up before I start up the Helix 2) Connect Helix>Open Helix App>Export Bundle (or Setlist, or Preset; Bundle will back up all Setlists and Presets 3) Don't edit anything on the Helix or do anything else while it is backing up. For the time being, I would disconnect USB after the backup, before doing any editing or play through on the Helix. Seems like a lot of my crashes on the Helix have been while USB is connected.
  19. Yes please. This should be added. I had a great rehearsal last night (my first with the Helix) and was dialing stuff in only to remember after the fact that I had not changed it to PA mode. It's important to me to use the L2t in PA mode so that I'm hearing (as close as possible) what the FOH is getting.
  20. cacibi

    Lead boost

    Redwirez or Ownhammer
  21. cacibi

    Lead boost

    I find +4 - 5db on output mixer is plenty for me. Using the noise gate on the input and mixer output level also help save block space/DSP
  22. Alright - that's going on Ideascale then, if it's not there already. I want a true, all-encompassing, backup via the Helix App. I think Global Settings should be included in a Bundle export.
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