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  1. I got into a habit of just playing with it stock for a while before adding any new presets just to test it. It's just a habit from working with the GT/GNX/Zooms. Also I remember a few people saying they had to reset their globals again on one of the older updates.
  2. I didn't backup anything and just cleared globals/settings first and then restarted it, ran the firmware updater. After it restarted to be safe I reset Globals again. Worked fine
  3. Polka and Death Metal eh. Interesting. Sounds like my neighbors.
  4. I just got another telecaster. My Vibrolux is waiting to be put back together. Anybody remember the old L6 forums. LOL http://line6.com/supportarchive/thread/12612/
  5. I just need some hot raisin bread and a glass of milk.
  6. Do you always cry this much in public? I am pretty sure I can call a psychiatrist for you to get a prescription.
  7. I really think the more you educate your users on a product the more likely they are to use advanced features. Not everyone that uses the Kemper or the AxeFX knows what they are doing for sure but you have to always make sure there is something there for those who want to learn more. I'm not one of those people that fears bricking my device so I do beta updates and test features if they are relevant to my interests. As long as betas are setup behind a qualification wall you really don't have to worry too much about the public. Betas attract people that like to see change. If you want to make sure to keep out the people that don't read user's guides you just have to make sure they agree to be a tester and that they understand the rules. Between Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and local music scenes, there is always alot of talk about Line6 products. Houston has 5 locations. That is more than in any other city here. Texas has 50 stores. There are 3 of them that I have spent quite alot of time in. And I regularly get updates from them and Sweetwater. I also work for IATSE and work stage, conventions and theaters. I do backline support and I've talked to touring crews and conventions about Line6 products as well.
  8. I saw that note about the update. I'll be looking forward to it.
  9. I am pretty sure you are a non-confrontational person. And you have never been turned down for being nice. I have seen projects die because people were too busy not saying what needs to be said. Out loud. Pink Elephant in the room. A good trainer is not just a boss. Steve Jobs favorite thing to do was to confront people about things he wasn't happy with and that is how we got Apple. I've lasted pretty long on yellow and a black belt teams btw. I am pretty sure if you were trained in Generational Diversity you would know that people don't always come in happy little bundles of conformity. Not everyone takes everything said personal either. If you noticed that no one that knew what the truth was has made any personal attacks. Only the ones that wanted to feel they were injured did. People that know what they are doing don't get bent out of shape. They applied the knowledge they had. They offered an explanation and they moved on without injury to their pride knowing that if I didn't like the answer it doesn't even matter because they provided what useful knowledge they could. And someone that said this is not the place should know that people don't always use the tools you give them the way you expect it. That's definitely something you learn from Support. You could consider my entire post a feature request if you really wanted to.
  10. If what I have seen in other companies has little relevance then neither does your 30 years of teaching. Because every snowflake is different right. Well I beg to differ. A passenger on a luxury liner doesn't have to have a degree in engineering in order to identify if a boat is sinking. Companies that don't regularly poll their customers overlook alot of feedback that they won't get through support channels. Sometimes that is intentional in order to keep the Upper Management thumbscrews off of the Dev team. I was a corporate trainer as well and also trained in Six Sigma to identify problems with companies all the way down from the top to the bottom when it comes to business processes and streamlining. The metrics I track led me to my conclusion. The industry they are in isn't that big. No jumping was necessary. I am sure you can go to any Guitar Center or any other music vendor and find the same feedback about their releases if you ask the right questions. When you don't look for problems then you won't find any. I know more than a few people that swore off the Helix because of prior performance with their products. I am actually hoping that Line 6 gets to prove them wrong.
  11. You might not like my approach but it works.
  12. Ideascale doesn't just look dead. It looks like its where dreams go to die.
  13. You also aren't taking into account the people that do not like social media, or forums. I've spent enough time in Guitar Center to know that much. I'm not spending alot of time worrying about it. Just enough to put it on a bucket list to let ya'll know that we are here.
  14. First of all TGP doesn't like dissenting opinion when it comes to vendors. And on Facebook a thread was started about Helix problems and someone was asked to delete it after a poll was ran. That isn't counting when I was told to delete a post off Facebook in regards to a defect. So I'm not a minority by far.
  15. You must be part of that gallery. And a reason alot of people hate going to the support forums. Even without the intro I would have gotten flack about what I was asking about because sometimes teachers pets scare people away. I've seen it happen before with the POD X3 release. And asking questions about firmware releases or updates is technical support. And 'this is not the place for that posts' are tantamount to censorship. Same as saying 'don't even post'. I don't think you noticed that my questions were answered. Even the facebook peeps don't like posting on here because of the attitude that already exists even if I hadn't said anything.
  16. I only partly agree with you. I think more could have been done for the first release. 1. The first Fractal Firmware for the AXEFX was an experiment. It wasn't until the second release when he had more coders to help that it actually took off. I'm giving the guy credit since he kickstarted this market of using IRs. 2. They are more transparent about issues with the firmware or updates. But they aren't the only ones. Kemper releases their stuff steadily. 3. The AXE FX II fiasco where he told no one about the release and had a couple thousand back orders seemed really shady to me. Pepperidge Farm Remembers! 4. We should have at least had all of the features of the POD HD and M9 when it released. The fact someone had to make an Ideascale post about it is enough. 5. We should have the same access to the granular settings that the AXE FX has for the advanced users. Sometimes Easy mode is not where its at. I want to be able to make new FX. 6. I think the release of the FX8 was a joke. I saw more than a few comparisons with the Helix and alot got returned. 7. I hope 2017 puts us closer to being at the level of functionality of the AxeFX and that we get more FX. I'm not so worried about amp models. *yet* 8. I forgot to add that Cliff doesn't have a really high Karma rating on any of the forums. And you think I am bad. https://www.kemper-amps.com/forum/index.php/Thread/23686-What-do-you-guys-think-of-this-from-Cliff-of-Axe-Fx/
  17. It sounds better for sure. I've been testing using one of those Digitech Trio+'s and I had to do that to control the level of bass coming out. I eventually split it out to a PW60.
  18. There are, but they are never quite as much fun. Someone has to play the villain. After reading the post about the mono reverbs and what use they are to anyone I thought might as well ask some hard hitting questions that some of us are already asking. I have actually been here the entire time for years in fact. Lurking. I had to de-register some of the stuff I bought after I sold/lost them. Luckily I own the Zooms, Boss's, Digitechs and all that to compare things to rather than having no opinion whatsoever.
  19. Hahahaha you called the Wahhhmbulance! Saltiest Nut of the bunch. Good Show! Ya'll are just proving my point, one post at a time.
  20. You are assuming that I should agree that what he is actually saying is completely the case. I have seen instances where companies only QA test only what is in the user guide and they don't actually test a thousand scenarios and the rest of the time they are working on features that nobody asked for or that won't be ready for 3 quarters thereby causing intermediate releases to be pushed back. They could be working on other products for that matter. It has happened before. But I doubt you work in QA so you could not conceive of these things possibly being a problem. I know a single company that spent 100+ million working on features that were never released multiple times. Full complete builds. But you would not know that. You just want someone to blindly agree to make you feel better. I am also not sure if you noticed that I voted up his post. I actually got the answers I needed from phil_m. And it says so at the top of the thread, does it not?
  21. You see that registered products number next to my name. That gives me the ability to ask what I want. I'm not here to brown nose my way into the best buddies category that is for sure. I got the info I needed. We'll revisit the situation next quarter after I have tested the next release.
  22. It is a valid business model out there in the hardware world. Just look at cell phones. That is a prime example of exactly that. Especially with Android. My problem is companies in the realm tend to skate on reputation. I'm not forgetting the effort it takes to test at all. I work in Q/A. I don't know anyone that is wasting their time testing on versions of Windows/MAC that are no longer supported. There is a certain point where you know its good, your milestone has been reached and you stop making changes and you get a release out the door so that people know that you haven't fallen off chasing features that need more time to bake. Lord knows ya'll shouldn't be running out of beta testers any time soon. Technically we were all beta testers when it first came out. My Helix locked up more than a few times. I also sent one back with a defect and was told it wasn't a defect when it was. So yeah I have concerns. I'll be looking forward to the new update. Thanks for answering with some background.
  23. Awesome. I figured with all the Yamaha lunchbox amps that they would try and hack together a Yamahahelix. Those amps sold fairly well to desktop/office guitarists. What I love is when companies put out. :) Being truthful is always pessimistic to the optimistic. You never know when a fan has cancer.
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