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  1. In the "real world" I would go about it like this: cranked up blackface amp with on-board tremolo and a Tele, neck pup, tone dialed back.
  2. That would be really cool with reverb as well.
  3. This keeps happening to me, too. My work-around is to save the patches separately on the Firehawk and in the app.
  4. cabomano


    Hi guys, What are you using the EQ module for? I've fiddled around with it on some of my patches but I'm a total newb when it comes to this. I would be grateful for any tips or tricks you might have. Thx, Peter
  5. Yeah, #2 is the way I go when playing live. You can monitor vocals and other instruments, as well as your guitar.
  6. I bought an L2t as a monitor for the Firehawk. It's plenty loud and sounds great.
  7. cabomano


    I've been using an AKG K240 for a good number of years now and I'm really happy with it. Amazon's selling them for around 60 bucks, it's a steal for the quality you're getting.
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