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  1. Right. But that means I have to choose each sound on the H9 in advance, then activate/bypass the loop on the Helix. I want to control the H9 with helix too. I was simply under the impression that if I didn't change to a different preset on H9 I would still have spillover. If the return on helix is still enabled then the H9 should still be making noise. If I want to use multiple blocks on a helix preset with different H9 sounds (a reverb, delay etc) I don't want to have to select it on H9 first. I know I can't run more than one at a time, but that's still more button presses. Trying to harness midi. My guess is that I'm sending a PC message each time, and as previously stated, even reloading the same preset on H9 wipes out the spillover.
  2. Hi! Well, I'm not intentionally trying to reload a preset. I just think that's what's happening when I bypass it in helix. Helix must be sending a PC each time I mash the button. I just figured that if the H9 stayed in the same preset it would have spillover.
  3. If I do not use midi with the h9 I have spillover. It means I have to first manually select the preset on h9 then activate the loop via footswitch on the helix. If I try to use midi to select the preset on h9 AND turn on/off the loop with one footswitch on helix, spillover doesn't work. Even if I'm staying in the same preset. My understanding was that spillover on H9 would only get cutoff if I switched to a DIFFERENT preset.
  4. Thanks for the feedback Lokimoto, this was also my thinking, but the Helix is still cutting off the H9 spillover. I think ricksteruk may be into something tho. That by using midi, even when bypassing the effect in Helix, simply pressing the footswitch again causes the H9 to reload the same effect (and therefore cutoff spillover). I will keep working on it.
  5. Hello all. Before I ask, yes I am aware that the H9 does not have spillover when switching from one prefer to another. My scenario is this. I've connected an H9 in mono to my Helix in send/return 1. If I create a footswitch assignment to engage/disengage this loop, and have some ambient patch loaded on the H9, when I bypass it oh the helix, I still hear the spillover. That's great. However, if I go into global settings and assign that same footswitch a program change to call up that preset on the H9 the spillover doesn't work, even tho I am staying on the SAME H9 PRESET. My understanding is it should cut off the spillover only when changing to different presets in H9. Am I wrong?
  6. I have this same rig. Yes any guitar center will have a 1/4 to XLR cable. As mentioned I settl the big volume knob to control of the ASM (1/4) only. XLR to FOH is fixed. I also turn the ASM volume knob on back all the way up.
  7. jetdriver

    Helix + H9

    Thank you DI!
  8. jetdriver

    Helix + H9

    For those of you connecting an Eventide H9 in stereo, how are you setting your mix levels on the helix? And what happens if I only connect the mono (L) XLR to the FOH? Will it make it mono automatically? I seem to remember something about setting mix at 50% for some reason. Playing live I run mono almost exclusively. So maybe it would be easier to run it/connect it that way?
  9. Thanks shredder. That was it. I was using email not username. Genius!
  10. Thanks shredder. That was it. I was using email not username. Genius!
  11. I can use the app only in 'offline mode'. It will allow me to update firmware from a file. Is there a place to download the firmware file, separate from the updater app?
  12. That wasn't it. It still says 'invalid login' on the updater app. Funny thing is if I click create account/reset password it will open up my browser and auto log me in to line 6. I've had an account for years. And I've quadruple checked my password.
  13. It's possible. Haha! I'll try it again. Using my wife's asus tablet (Windows 8) to update. It's tiny and hard to read. I did manage to create a couple presets and load some ownhammwr IRs. Woot!
  14. jetdriver

    noob question

    just got my helix. i have downlaoded the Helix and line 6 updater apps. I have had an account with L6 for years - but when i login to the website to register my helix i get error codes. also, i think i need to register it before I can proceed to updating to the latest firmware. The updater app wont let me login - it says invalid login. its the sam eas libe 6 web site correct? dead in the water until i get this sorted. thx.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I never considered the PP2+. I actually own one already, I'd just have to remove it from my existing board. I wish it had a courtesy outlet and a 500ma tap. But it will work. If I change my mind I'll hit you up. Thanks again!
  16. Thanks for the illustrations. I'd be interested in buying a breakout box from you, if you'd make another one.
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