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  1. That was well after the first 2 albums..
  2. I was thinking you were onto something earth shattering at first... I have to admit, you were peaking my curiosity!
  3. Well, in all fairness the guy is very busy. Moderates the board and seems maybe he is upper echelon of the service techs. Very knowledgeable and kewl as hell in my book. I'm pretty sure he'll get to ya eventually. You can always find em on a post and private message him.
  4. dlr_41


    I just talked to the guy at Pro tech services in Lynn Haven, they are open but the guy said they had problems getting parts from you guys and there were issues between you? Nevertheless, The tech that knows the gear and does the work is out and will call me when he gets a chance. Since I'll most likely end up paying I might as well have a transformer wound and have it put in instead. I really wish I had bought a back up amp instead of that JTV69S last month. I just hooked up with some guys and was trying to put something together. Such is life, huh?
  5. Nothing, told me to take it to a authorized service tech. Its out of warranty and as much as I love the amp I'm not sure its worth the headache. It would seem the DT50 had some uhhh, "issues". If I had seen this coming I wouldn't have bought the JTV69S last month and completed the "dream rig". I'm thinking about just building a Marshall clone and cutting my losses. Was thinking of the powercab option but solid state just doesn't cut through like tubes.
  6. dlr_41


    Yeah, must be one of the bad ones that the bulletin was about I take it? So, I drive 5 hrs to drop it off and 5 hrs back and wait a few weeks. drive 5 hrs to pick it up and pay a few hundred to have to fixed since its out of warranty. Then if I'm lucky, it'll last a couple of years. Ever get the feeling you've been hosed??? LMAO... This is giving me a great excuse to build me a 2204 or a JTM 45. I've been down this road before with only one other amp. It was a from the mid 60's. No matter what was done to that amp, it would blow tubes within 10 - 20 hrs. I think I had that thing in the shop so much it was practically rebuilt. The only saving grace was a guy loved it and offered me a lot of cash for it. I think I got a Mace or Deuce... not sure, it was the 70's and I acted accordingly! :P
  7. NP dude, don't feel bad, my DT50 head crapped out with the same issue. It was on and in standby, I answered a phone call and when I got done the light was off and it was dead..
  8. Wow, no one replied... odd.. Nickel to a dollar your transformer went south.
  9. dlr_41


    1A/250, output fuse I think. But, it appeared in tact and I believe it may still be good. I replaced the fuse (finally arrived) and it would not power up. I'm quite sure now the transformer is the culprit. For me taking it to a service center isn't feasible. My nearest one was in Lynn Haven, outside of Panama city. I'm pretty sure they aren't there but will be rebuilding courtesy of Hurricane Michael. A bud has family there and they are rebuilding, he says not much was standing afterwards. My second service center is in ATL and a 4 - 5 hour drive. I haven't opened it up as of yet to check the other fuse because I'm willing to bet I'll have to order it as well. The down side of living peacefully in a rural area! Its really a shame, I bought this amp the later of 2016. I bought a house and spent the next 18 months getting it like I want it before I took time the time to play any at all with the exception of an hour or 2 here and there. I bet this head doesn't have 50 hrs max on it. I may end up going this route ( ) because all the research I have done has led me to believe that the OEM is a faulty design with low quality control. Biasing with dual probes will be out of the question and I will have to find someone with an oscilloscope after replacement. Its a great head, a true tone monster! Its me second one as I was forced to sale off all my gear several years back. I can't justify OEM after reading all the other horror stories!
  10. dlr_41


    I blew A fuse on my DT 50H. I'm figuring it was from age and not tube related as there were no symptoms of the tubes failing. If blowing fuses becomes regular I'll replace the power tubes my self. Will I need a dual test probe? I know it has only one bias adjustment, so do I average the mv between the 2? I know the it supposed to be 36mv. Tube recommendation above is acknowledged.
  11. Yeah, I tried using them earlier and they wouldn't come up... I'm new enough that I figured they never did work...
  12. So now you have dated yourself... LMAO.. Old farts never die, they just smell that way! Don't worry dude, I'm not very much younger than you are, maybe by about 8 - 10 if that.
  13. Not only do ya rub it in, you like usin sandpaper don't ya!
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