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  1. Not sure how I am again comparing apples to oranges AGAIN when that is the first time I've commented here. WRONG. We are not comparing Axefx to HD500, we are comparing HD500 update frequency vs Fractal and how it will relate to Helix. WRONG. Line 6 did lose market share to Fractal and Kemper, and the Helix is designed to recover it. This has already been stated, look it up if you want. WRONG. Whether the AX8 was known or not when the Helix was in development is irrelevant because we all knew about neither. From the public eye we knew about AX8 before Helix. WRONG. Your last comment was just your opinion - but again you missed the point. If they add new models and effects it doesn't change the ones you are using so - yep WRONG again. What was your point again? Mine is this - the Helix is cool but way behind Fractal with number of amps, effects, and cabs. Setting a goal to model and release so many amps and so forth per month isn't an unreasonable goal. If I was @ Line 6, that's exactly what I'd be doing.
  2. Compare that with how many firmware updates the Axe-Fx got over 5 years and you'll have your answer. (Hint - yes). That was then and this is now, but you must realize that is what you are being compared to. The community expects this high priced piece of gear to get regular updates - just like they would with Fractal. Sometimes bug fixes, some model additions, some cab additions, some effect additions and some model/effect improvements. You wanted to regain market share from Fractal right? You can't just release this thing and quit or even release it and take a break really. You've got to push forward and push forward hard. Push right up until this thing can't handle it any more then release the next one that can. We live in an age of "that's awesome, but can you make it do this?". Line 6 had better plan firmly on expanding the Helix at a quick rate or you'll lose your customer base to those that are. In short no I don't think the 12 updates over 5 years model is acceptable. I expect updates - meaningful ones - every month. At the latest - bi monthly.
  3. I'd love to hear it in person - possibly try Helix with it. Don't mind tossing you some cash for your trouble just can't find it anywhere.
  4. It is necessary. As I read thread after thread of Line 6 pushing the ease of using the pedal interface rather than an editor - it just feels like you guys are pushing your agenda of doing all the editing on the device and not listening to your customers. LISTEN: Yes, you did an awesome job making probably the best user friendly interface for a device I have ever seen. Yes, when I am not by my computer, this works great - which is probably 5% of my time and when I rarely change anything. However, when I am at my computer which is 95% of the time to record or play along with videos or learn from videos, having this beast on my desk is not acceptable - it's too big and too heavy. Putting it on the floor and having to hunch over and work on it is not acceptable. Working with an editor does not interrupt my work flow (saw this line of thinking posed somewhere else - ridiculous). This thing being on my desk or on the floor and having to use it does. I expect Helix to have a stellar editor (like the Axe Fx Editor) - anything short of that will be crap to me. If you think your community is going to accept anything less you are kidding yourselves - it's all we've ever known and the device is too bulky to be used easily otherwise. Even the Boss GT-100 has an awesome editor now (though it didn't start with one). I know you have one in the works and I'm looking forward to seeing it - but mark my words it will make or break a lot of your customers so please don't skimp on it, and listen to your customers who say they need it instead of constantly telling them they don't because of how great the interface is. Oh and for goodness sake please write the editor in a language that works for both Mac and PC and isn't locked in a resolution so tiny I have to re-size my monitor to see it.
  5. So if it does sum stereo signal to mono, why would you use any effect in mono? I guess I just don't get the difference or intended difference of how it's supposed to be used.
  6. If I design my patches in stereo but then will only use the left xlr at venue - does it sum the stereo signal to that output like the Axe Fx or not?
  7. Rather - I want to ensure that only 1 reverb is on at any given time.
  8. With one of my patches I have say 4 different reverbs all assigned to foot switches. When I turn one on I want the remaining 3 to turn off. I messed around with Multiples last night but couldn't get it going. Can this be done?
  9. I'd like an explanation. If it is a defect it needs to go back. If there is a difference in any way that gives the advantage in any way to one type or the other, it needs to go back and be corrected. Stuff like this plays havoc with my OCD. I first noticed it not because I saw it, but because of the difference in the way the cables snapped in place.
  10. See that little plate on one side only - what is that and why isn't it on both sides? This is Sweetwater's picture btw.
  11. The picture on Sweetwater looks exactly like mine with that little plate missing...
  12. The right appears to have this little plate near the top. My connectors snap in place with the left but don't on the right.
  13. That's true but the Helix is huge. It barely fits on my huge desk. I have to move my tiny 20 inch iMac and keyboard out of the way just to accommodate it's huge footprint so I can work and hear things in stereo. If it were upset at night, it would go cry itself to sleep on it's huge pillow. Seriously though, yeah editor - get us that ASAP. Everyone working at home or in the studio in front of their computers will be using it. I'm not sure where the idea come from it wouldn't be needed but I've heard it before. I need the editor so I can work on it with it out of the way. The on unit on screen stuff you can do is brilliant - and I appreciate the work you put into it but it has it's place and it's not while working on or near a computer.
  14. Agreed. I came real close to sending my Helix back the first day because I fired it up with headphones and went to factory presets and was severely disappointed. The headphones sound horrendous. It could be that headphones need to meet a certain ohm rating or something I dunno - but mine are I think Seinheizer HD300's or something along those lines. I didn't think much of it with those because they've sounded terrible with my Boss GT-100 and POD-HD500X as well. As far as the presets they are pretty terrible. I had hoped they would spend a lot of time designing nice presets and made a post as such a while back - I'm not sure how they are being designed but I am simply plugging up my Helix direct to studio monitors. If I start a new patch, drop the JC120 model in and a plate stereo reverb - it's sounds amazing - much better than any preset I could find.
  15. Yeah I read that too - so I guess the answer is that the Helix doesn't support stereo IR's? Importing stereo and only using the left channel doesn't exactly count does it?
  16. I haven't messed with IR's much yet, but I did download some and noticed stereo and mono. Does Helix only support mono or does it matter?
  17. Did you guys see this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_ZWvfh0txQ
  18. My back ordered Helix that I ordered back in June finally shipped. I noticed also MF has these in stock and ready to go if anyone is interested - too bad that 15% off sale just ended yesterday...
  19. Any ideas when we'll see the first units going out?
  20. Just got the message from Musicians Friend.
  21. The whole point of FRFR is to NOT have to tweak your patches - they should translate perfectly. When I design my patches with headphones they translate to monitors and to a PA if I am using earbuds. If I use my DT25 the patch must be different - but why would I buy an L2T if I have to tweak it too - I'd rather just use an amp in that case. My output modes were correct and I used patches I was familiar with and designed several new from scratch I know how to setup only the fly and what they should sound like - still wasn't impressed. In addition to that - the speaker vibration rattled something internally that didn't sound good with certain frequencies. Needless to say I just dropped it off at UPS for return. Other favs from NAMM - the Hughes and Kettner Triamp sounded great - and I liked the Roland JC40 and Blues Cubes.
  22. Got to see the Helix at NAMM - nice looking and the screen is even bigger than I thought. They didn't really have any patches other than one the guys at the booth had made for demoing - he said they were working on the patch list now for release. I cycled through some of the amps - but it was kind of weird to be honest - the Fender amps for example that I expected to be clean were dirty and so forth. For effects the Uvibe did sound really good. I think - and this is just my opinion - that Line 6 is taking this new product opportunity to do a heavy push on the Stagesource stuff - notice that is what they are using in the demo. I'd heard their sales on that stuff vs the DT amp series wasn't that great. To me, that hurt the demo. It really didn't sound that good (looked good, interface awesome) - but again the room was noisy and they had to watch their volume, etc... It just so happens that I had ordered a L2T to try out and got it Saturday - so I messed with it a lot at home Sat/Sun with my POD HD500X. I wasn't impressed. I like the sound of my PODHD500X through studio monitors much better - or my DT25. All that to say - I'm not sure? I can't really tell how the Helix would have sounded in it's best scenario because of the way they were running it - but I can tell you through the L2T it wasn't my cup of tea.
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