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    Helix Demo Videos

    I'll be there myself to check it out tomorrow - woot.
  2. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

    and another:
  3. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

  4. I'm planning on attending NAMM this weekend - wondering if Line6 and Helix will be there demoing gear? I'd like to get a sneak peak! Hard to wait on my pre-order.
  5. Must be frustrating for Line 6 to spend 6 years and countless resources into creating a device like Helix that competes at the highest level for a more affordable price than the competition - only to have someone's primary concern to be whether than can bypass the unit as if it didn't exists LOL. Irony. I don't mean to offend or poke fun but it is funny when you think about it.
  6. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

  7. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

    2 more videos up: https://youtu.be/vdny3wskET0 https://youtu.be/1OiJNBWFrWc
  8. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

    Just spotted this one: https://youtu.be/MBVT0kDO4n4
  9. Nimbas

    Helix FAQ

    Congrats on a fine looking product. To date I've owned the AX212, Pod HD400, HD500, HD500X, DT50 and DT25 so I'm a Line 6 fan and always have been for a long time now. I'm glad to see you guys step up your game to a higher tier and I think you'll compete well there. Recently I've had time with the AxeFx 2 XL and Kemper and if there is any advice I could give you it is as follows: 1. Please don't slap together 256 presets to ship with. You need to spend some serious time working on those. Fractal and Kemper have - and they are wonderful. They need to have balanced volume. They need to be usable - very usable. I should be able to power on the unit and plug it in and be so impressed with the first few presets I can't put down my guitar for days. There should be 2-3 presets in the first 10 where people say the unit is worth the cost just for those presets. I should know how they were designed - like these first 5 work best direct or with headphones, the next 5 sound best in the return of an amp, etc. 2. Keep in mind when you are designing your presets your users aren't running through a multi thousand dollar mixing console (well most of them). You need to think about the user who is plugging directly into a set of low-mid grade studio monitors (or headphones) - how does he perceive this? As he moves through the patches does it go from blasting harsh to he can't even hear it? Balance that stuff out because they won't have a board that influences the tone and volume like you will. 3. With all the wild variations in volume on every single thing we need a way to balance volume - and not just by ear. 4. I am sure you will have software to load on Mac or PC to edit this thing and for the love of God, please, make it's resolution adjustable so I don't have to stare at my 27 inch monitor and edit a box the size of a business card.
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