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    Exp pedal 2

    Hi! Thanks! I own a Helix LT and I can control the switching (a and b) in my Orange MKIII 50 watts Amp using the Exp pedal 2...so I was wondering about if the Pod Go can have the same capability...
  2. pegamarz

    Exp pedal 2

    Hi! Anyone knows if it can switch channels in a 2 channel amp? (clean to overdrive ind vice versa) using the expression pedal 2?
  3. Hi! Maybe you can help me with your expertise: I own a Helix LT and I wanted an amp so i could connect it via 4CM plus be able to control the switch channel through the Helix, easy right? First I had a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 but I never succeed in hooking them via MIDI (so I could take full advantage of the 3 channels and the power section) So i decided to sell it and buy another one with only 2 channels and a regular (TS cable) amp control Jack; I bought the PRS MT15 (great amp!) but meanwhile i was using it with the foot switch that came with the amp there was no problem (meaning no HUM) but if I tried to use the Helix LT to change the channel of the amp...HUM appears (a huge HUM by the way). Yes I tried the Hum Eliminator and all the programing was right and nothing work for me so...once again I decided to change the amp. I did research and the Orange Rocker 32 and Helix Lt can work perfectly...and they do! The amp its great and covers a lot of ground but somehow (and I know I need to break it first) The amp doesn't delivers the right amount of gain that I would like (I'm aware that its not a Hi Gain amp) I like to play TOOL from time to time (thats the top gain that I need) and this one fights to get close to that. So my question is: Do you know for certain which amps gets along with the Helix LT? I know the Tubemeister 18 and 20 deluxe can switch the amp channel through the Helix (maybe with a TRS cable?) with no Hum and that's how far my knowledge gets..I truly appreciate your comments!
  4. Hi thank you! I’m already able to switch the channel s of my MT 15 through the Helix, the problem is the Hum (loud and distorted). I have already the Hum eliminator (like the guy shows in the vid on YT right?) and guess what? It doesn’t work (at least in my case). I called line 6 and they were explaining me (very kindly) that it might be that in the channel jack of the amp might be sending an electric flow back to the foot switch of the amp and that might be causing the Hum. I called PRS but the person who might help me was not there by the time I called, I have to check if that information might be correct or not. I’m already frustrated because it’s a lot of money in equipment and somehow it’s not working (together) the way it should be and both are great! I will keep you posted....
  5. Hi! I have the same trouble but I cannot make it work...it has still a lot of HUM. I have it the way you're saying but nothing...Anyone can give me a hand here please?
  6. Hi! I Have a Tubemaister 36 combo and a Line 6 Helix LT. I've tried to connect them Via 4CM (plus a MIDI cable) so I can control de amp channels of the Tubemaister with the Helix (Via MIDI because it´s the only way to change channels on the amp). I know I'm must be doing something wrong because I just simply can't! Yes...I have seen tutorials on YouTube...and here where I'm standing right now: Besides all the connections of the cables (and the amp set in series mode), The Helix signal path is: Guitar in, Chorus, Pitch whammy, Distortion, SEND AND RETURN, a pre amp, Delay and a Reverb. If I disengage the series mode on the back of the amp I cannot hear the reverb and the delay... Somebody can help me? In advance thank you for your time and patience! I´m getting frustrated here!
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