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  1. The Model selector needs to be calibrated. Your local authorized service center would have access to that.
  2. It's an upper harmonic, high frequency whistle or howl? The intonation needs to be adjusted on that string. If the intonation is off, frequency clashes between the fret stop and the related upper harmonics. It still occurs with magnetic pick-ups too, it's just less apparent. I see this often on a host of guitars, not just JTV's, but high resonant Models and/or reverb can bring out this effec more. Also have a guitar set-up tech, check your set-up for other adjustments. If it's just one string, then it's just a matter of taking a good set-up and dialing in a little further and more precise. A good set-up tech will have some sort of precision tuner to tune and intonate with. Remember, environment (temperatur and humidity) can alter a set-up, especially if you're gigging in multiple locations. Shipping across the country?..., then let it sit for a couple of days to aclimate, then check the set-up. If you gig a lot, you may want to get one of those environment snake rods for inside your guitar case.
  3. Yes,... 10-46. There's a tag that comes with the instrument from D'Addario, showing that it's their strings on JTV's. Got a set in front of me now,... High-E = .010 B = .013 G = .017 D = .026 A = .036 Low-E = .046 Standard issue, Factory string set up for JTV's.
  4. xpanmanx, Good, you fixed it. I remember the inquiry. Sorry he took a while on the phone with you, it took me a few minutes to show him how it's done, so that he could explain it to you. And it only took about 15-minutes, good. Glad it worked out. Way to go. -The Tech
  5. It's occurring as a pair, on fret stops, not open strings,... mechanical damping at the string locks at the headstock? Check and make sure it's snug, not over tightened. Had a loose Low-E & A pair the other day, made sure he plate was lined up right then torque it snug. Check the "set-up" or take it to a guitar tech to check the set-up.
  6. On a JTV-69, yes, right, the tuners are locking. So is the Trem Bar, it is internally threaded so it screws into the bottom of the bridge, and the set screw to make the Trem Bar Bushing Collar snug a the top of the Collar Bushing. It is firm at both top and bottom of the Trem Bar. The locking Trem Bar has been on these JTV-69's for quite sometime now. I don't "dive bomb" much, but when I do, it works pretty good on the 69's I play. I understand Dave's trepidation regarding Floyd Rose locking systems, more finer adjustment points, don't worry about it, like everything else about guitars and guitar playing, it takes practice. You get used to it. The Graphtech Floyd Rose bridges I've experienced on the JTV-89's are pretty solid. And I have a 69 and two 59's myself. The locking Trem Bar on the 69 works good for me. Two different locking systems (on the 69 and 89), both pretty solid. Works for me, I like them.
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